BBAC 2014, Day 10: EoTD with Sleek’s Garden of Eden i-Divine palette

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I was interested in this palette because, like the Safari palette, it's a whole palette of neutrals and earthtones. Garden of Eden is the cool to Safari's warm. I had Sirvinya buy me this one and send it over - it arrived this past summer with three other i-Divine palettes, some Sleek Eye Dusts, and a few other surprise goodies! Even though it appears to be part of the regular line now, rather than an LE item, I'm glad that I got it earlier on.

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BBAC 2014, Day 10: EoTD with Sleek’s Garden of Eden i-Divine palette

I think this is the first Sleek palette that I've come across, that didn't have a black shadow in it. I do like the purples and greens, with a few orangeish and brownish shadows. I did have a slight difficulty with today's look, though, because I was trying to get the purple to show up a bit more…and then I overdid it. As in, “I didn't intend to have a smokey eye today, and I've actually got a quasi-shiner instead.” (So much for having an extra 20 minutes to beat the traffic. I had to wipe off my eye makeup and start over.) With my second go-round, I got the purple just a little bit lighter than I would have liked…but I did like how Gates of Eden looked! I wasn't sure if it would be just a little too warm a brown, but it works very nicely. (It is a warm brown; but I was using a softer purple and they coordinated well.)

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BBAC 2014, Day 10: EoTD with Sleek’s Garden of Eden i-Divine palette EoTD with Sleek's Garden of Eden EoTD with Sleek's Garden of Eden
<ul> <li>Sleek's Gates of Eden, whole lid <li>Sleek's Forbidden, outer 1/3 and blended upward <li>Sleek's Tree of Life, outer 2/3 upper lash line <li>L'Oreal's Lash Out Voluminous Butterfly Intenza Waterproof Mascara </ul> <p>I liked this Lash Out Butterfly mascara a lot more than the first one. (Despite this brush having two of those eye-pokey wings.) The applicator is a little less easy to use, in my opinion; but the formula is better.</p>

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