BBAC 2014, Day 13: EoTD with Sleek’s Original i-Divine palette

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This was the very first Sleek i-Divine palette, but I already owned 10 others before I got this one. I initially thought that I might not really want this color palette because others that I already had, were similar enough that I didn't need to duplicate. (The name itself was also…well…less than inspiring.) All I can say is, I'm not always The Best Decision-Maker Ever. I do like these colors, and I'm glad I picked this one up.

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BBAC 2014, Day 13: EoTD with Sleek’s Original i-Divine palette

I did it!! I did it!! Three colors only!! I did it!!

It was a near thing. I opened the palette and thought Oh, the teal and navy on the outer lid, the peach-pink in the middle, and just a tiny bit of the rust-orange on the innermo…no, dammit! Keep it simple for once. Two colors and either a liner or a highlighter. Challenge yourself. Even so, I was still on the verge of using the medium dusty green on the lid and the turquoise and navy as accents, with (of course) the black as a liner shade. (When I first began buying the i-Divine palettes, EVERY palette had matte black. It was like Urban Decay's Perversion liner, which was in every kit except for the ones that Zero wasn't in.)

Photos that show how the product actually performs...! See how I create my swatches

BBAC 2014, Day 13: EoTD with Sleek’s Original i-Divine palette EoTD with Sleek's Original EoTD with Sleek's Original
<ul> <li>Wet n Wild Fergie eyeshadow primer, whole lid <li>Lower Three (metallic peach-pink shimmer), inner half of lid <li>Upper Five (metallic teal-turquoise shimmer), outer half of lid and upper lash line <li>Lower One (metallic pale gold shimmer), brow bone <li>Stila's Smudge Crayon in Smoke, brows <li>Revlon Lash Potion, upper lashes </ul> <p>I kept it simple...but I think I should have used the navy as the liner shade. I just -=really=- wanted to keep one of these looks under three colors. I also re-used the Lash Potion mascara. I'm running out of new ones to try, and I didn't want to use the black-gold mascara with this look. It really needed a black, something that provided more than just definition. Lash Potion, even this version of it, gives me a tiny bit of volume but not too much.</p>

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