BBAC 2014, Day 1: EoTD with Sleek’s Arabian Nights i-Divine palette

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Welcome to Day 1 of the fourth annual Beauty Blog Advent Calendar! Check out Danielle's post for today by looking at the Beauty Blog Advent Calendar.

This year I decided to try and do EoTD/FoTD posts, with some NoTW posts thrown in…to make up for all the ones I was going to do throughout 2014, but never really got around to posting. As I started to stack up some of my Sleek palettes to use in the first looks, I realized (and was both semi-horrified and semi-amused) that I have enough Sleek palettes to do 24 EoTD looks…and still have a few left over. I decided to intersperse the Sleek-palette looks with nail art, because a) 25 days of eye looks might not be quite as much fun to do, as I get closer to the end; and b) I wanted to dust off some nail art techniques and try out some others.

BBAC 2014, Day 1: EoTD with Sleek’s Arabian Nights i-Divine palette

First up is Sleek's Arabian Nights: richer jeweltone and smokey shades with two softer “neutral/highlight” colors to balance the overall palette. This is limited-edition, but <strike>is still available for sale through Sleek's website</strike>well…it was, about two weeks ago. It's currently marked “Out of Stock” so it looks like people who want this palette (which should be Everybody) will need to hit Ebay. For today's look, I used Scherezade's Tale, Gold Souk, Sultan's Garden, Sinbad's Seas, and Valley of Diamonds, all over Wet n Wild's Fergie eyeshadow primer. Finished the look off with Stila's Smudge Crayon in Smoke on my brows, and CoverGirl LashBlast Length mascara.

Photos that show how the product actually performs...! See how I create my swatches

BBAC 2014, Day 1: EoTD with Sleek’s Arabian Nights i-Divine palette EoTD with Sleek's Arabian Nights EoTD with Sleek's Arabian Nights
<ul> <li>Wet n Wild Fergie primer, whole lid <li>Sleek's Scherezade's Tale, inner and central lid, blended out and up <li>Sleek's Sultan's Garden, inner lid <li>Sleek's Sinbad's Seas, outer lid, blended up <li>Sleek's Valley of Diamonds, outer half of upper lash line <li>Sleek's Gold Souk, upper lid/orbital ridge <li>Stila's Smudge Crayon in Smoke, brows <li>CoverGirl's LashBlast Length (waterproof) in Black, upper lashes </ul> <p>I used elf's Essential Eyeshadow Brush to apply the shadows, and elf's Studio Eyeshadow "C" Brush to blend. The Essential Eyeshadow brush is very inexpensive, and it's not always my first choice to use when applying my loose-powder eyeshadows; but for the Sleek i-Divine palettes I need a brush with a bit more density to pick up the shadows and place them a little more carefully. I actually used Sleek's sponge applicator to apply Valley of Diamonds, to get the precision I needed. (I tend to steer clear of sponge applicators because they don't last as long with even a light cleaning; and I don't want to leave any brushes or applicators uncleaned to breed bacteria.) I applied Golden Souk using the blade (flat area) of the brush rather than the point, because I needed wider-area application and a softer appearance. I wanted the shimmer and highlight rather than the gold base color to be the most visible element. Blended out, Sultan's Garden lost most of its light green and became a bit greyed-green...or green-grey, I can't entirely tell. My lashes are more defined and lengthened, than given intense volume. This is the look that I prefer, though I know that many people want more volume. I can get more visibly volumized lashes with CoverGirl LashBlast Length if I add another coat...but not lots more volume. Not lots more length, either, though it doesn't clump too badly. After a third coat, this mascara starts to get a bit unwieldy - clumping, and becoming more prone to transferring onto my face.</p> <h4>Today's Featured Site: <a href="" target="_blank">Pink Lady Beauty</a></h4> <p>Melissa talks about beauty and fashion, and covers brands all over the range: higher-end, mid-range prestige items, drugstore makeup. She also has <a href="" target="_blank">a second blog for all of her nail polishes and nail art</a>.</p>

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