BBAC 2014, Day 9: EoTD with Sleek’s Glory i-Divine palette

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I have made it through nine days. Seven EoTDs and two (okay, pretty messed up) NoTWs. So far, so good. How is December going by so quickly??? And at the same time - why isn't it the 16th yet so I can see Battle of Five Armies???

Glory is another palette that I asked Sirvinya to get for me. I liked the brighter shades coupled with some greys - and this was one of the first palettes that I was aware of, that Sleek couldn't ship to the US because of cosmetic regulations on some of the colorants. (This is when it's oh so great to have friends on other landmasses. It sucks that you rarely get the chance to see each other in person; but it's cool because you're each other's Not On My Landmass makeup mule.)

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BBAC 2014, Day 9: EoTD with Sleek’s Glory i-Divine palette

I ended up using a pink again, but toned it down this time (perhaps -=too=- much.) The grey managed to balance the pink out, and the violet-blue made a good eyeliner. I wish I'd applied the eyeliner a little thicker, and been less cautious with Hammersmith and City. The colors looked good together, but…I perhaps overblended on this one. I would have liked to see a bit more of the color.

I'm still at the point, with the Sleek liners, that I apply a very little bit - but it almost disappears when I close my eyes. I do manage to get it all on the underside of the lid and a little on the top. And I've got the “smudge and blend out” down. Now I need to work on broadening that line a bit for when I want more than just definition. (Let's see how far I venture into Winter Soldier territory, shall we…?)

Photos that show how the product actually performs...! See how I create my swatches

BBAC 2014, Day 9: EoTD with Sleek’s Glory i-Divine palette EoTD with Sleek's Glory EoTD with Sleek's Glory
<ul> <li>Wet n Wild Fergie eyeshadow primer, whole lid <li>Sleek's Platform - whole lid <li>Sleek's Hammersmith and City - outer 1/4 blended inward <li>Sleek's Bakerloo - outer 3/4 upper lash line <li>Sleek's Tube - orbital ridge, blended <li>CoverGirl Queen Lash Fanatic mascara, upper lashes </ul> <p>The Lash Fanatic line is, according to a few posts I've read on Makeupalley, the same formula as the CoverGirl Professional mascara. It gives me some separation and definition, but not much in the way of length. I definitely need to curl my lashes beforehand, if I want this mascara to show up at all. (Then again, it is waterproof, it stays put, and it doesn't clump, so those are pluses.) I picked this up from during a mascara sale, when I went hunting for other brands and formulas that I wanted to try out.</p>

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