BBAC 2012: Day 11 - I love EVERY COLOR!!!

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BBAC 2012: Day 11 - I love EVERY COLOR!!!

My eyeshadow collection is pretty varied. I've got fewer black/white/grey shadows than any other single color, but I've got pretty even distribution of greens, oranges, yellows, purples...everything else. I do have a lot of browns, and for a while I went on a forced fast: no matter how enticing the brown or taupe color looked, I didn't buy it. At that time, I had more browns than almost any other color (more on that in a minute) and I rarely used more than a handful. This little experiment in self control might have worked better if I hadn't concentrated on getting more blues and reds instead.</p>

I am drawn to red eyeshadow. And by “red” I don't mean “pink” - I mean red, burgundy, candy-apple, magenta, fuchsia, hot pink, cherry. I mean crimson, ruby, garnet, scarlet, and vermillion. Sure, I love a good non-soft pink; and one of my absolute favorite must-have-on-hand colors is a pale buff brown-pink. But whenever I see a rich, deep red eyeshadow, I'm always checking them out. Often I run into disappointment because the color is sheer, or softened, or too warm to go good with my skintone. I still have a weakness for red eyeshadows: my first order from Beauty from the Earth had several red eyeshadows, including Ruby Slippers (which everyone should get because it's an excellent color and a great price.) Nearly two years ago, I listed <a href=“” target=“_blank”>my favorite red eyeshadows</a> as part of a collaborative project with four other beauty bloggers. The list would have a few different entries if I were making it today, but BE's Beautiful Lisa and Hello Kitty are still two of my absolute favorite red eyeshadows.

I have lots of red eyeshadows, and unlike browns, I don't know that I could successfully get myself not to buy them. They're just too enticing! I'm able to be more selective with blues, and have had some limited success in walking away from purples. But a good rich red eyeshadow crosses my path, and I'm a goner.

(I'm still waiting for Stila to introduce a burgundy to their Stay All Day or their Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner. I would buy that in a heartbeat.)

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