Can I use all my eyecolors in one year? Let’s find out…

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Can I use all my eyecolors in one year? Let’s find out…

Starting Halloween 2009, I pledge to use each of my eye colors at least once over the course of the next year. I've made a comprehensive list, removed the blush- and all-over face colors, removed all iridescent/sparkle additives, and added in a few colors that I have ordered but are not yet here. That gives me 906 colors to wear at least once in one calendar year.

365 days in a year, allow for 63 of those days when I won't wear makeup for one reason or another (weekends, too dang tired, what have you), and if I wear an average of three colors a day, I can do this. Since I've done looks where I've used four and five eyecolors, as well as some two-color versions, I think that the most difficult part will be towards the end of the year if I've still got quite a lot of colors to wear but not as many easily attractive combinations.

So. I can do this. Who's with me? Make a list of the eye colors you intend to use, make yourself a ticker if you want, and leave your name in the comments. The "year" starts on October 31, 2009. Leave a link to your site, and / or note your Twitter username and we can all keep each other motivated.

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