China Glaze’s Colors from the Capital collection review

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  • Manufacturer: China Glaze
  • Availability: beginning spring 2012 from etailers and retailers
  • Contains: 12 nail colors
  • Cost/Amount: USD$6 for one .15 oz / .5 gram bottle
  • Would you purchase again: yes

NOTE 03/25/2013: I will no longer be purchasing or reviewing any new China Glaze products, aside from the two that I have in the publishing queue. All previously-published posts will remain up. Info & links of interest

China Glaze’s Colors from the Capital collection

Originally this was going to be called “Capitol Colors” Pictures of the proposed shades began showing up on the Internet. Then came The Drama. The studio behind the film tried to deny involvement with any such collection, China Glaze’s parent company American International Industries sued them for breach of contract, there was much fingerpointing from all sides…the upshot is that the Capitol Colors collection, which was originally going to be themed just around the Capitol City with its wild fashions and makeup…changed names, changed themes, but kept the same colors.

Clear as mud?

I believe that I am among the ten percent of people in the combined first-world countries who read these books and was not thrilled. If I had read them at age 13 or 14, I would have had a bit more appreciation for them. They were enjoyable enough, but I won't be reading them ever again. And no, I am not seeing the movie in theaters. (That time and money is saved for Prometheus, my IMATS trip, and the final movie of the Nolan/Bale Batman trilogy.) Some of the colors did look kind of interesting, even if the collection as a whole didn't inspire the instant need to OWNALLTHETHINGS.

This collection contained:

  • Luxe and Lush — multicolored iridescent mylar flakes in a sheer pale gold base
    Corresponds to: District 1 (Luxury) | Original collection name: Flaming Gems
  • Stone Cold — black with blue-green microglitter
    Corresponds to: District 2 (Masonry) | Original collection name: Joined at the Seam
  • Riveting — bright red-orange shimmer
    Corresponds to: District 3 (Technology) | Original collection name: Fire In Flight
  • Hook and Line — semisheer light grey frost
    Corresponds to: District 4 (Fishing) | Original collection name: Coal Hearted
  • Electrify — red and gold glitter
    Corresponds to: District 5 (Power) | Original collection name: Heat of the Moment
  • Fast Track — pale beige with gold shimmer
    Corresponds to: District 6 (Transportation) | Original collection name: Catnip
  • Mahogany Magic — medium brown creme
    Corresponds to: District 7 (Lumber) | Original collection name: Baker's Son
  • Dress Me Up — dusty mauve creme
    Corresponds to: District 8 (Textiles) | Original collection name: Primrose
  • Harvest Moon — roughened metallic copper shimmer
    Corresponds to: District 9 (Grain) | Original collection name: Cinna-mon
  • Foie Gras — medium plummy brown creme
    Corresponds to: District 10 (Livestock) | Original collection name: Rebel
  • Agro — metallic olive-green shimmer
    Corresponds to: District 11 (Agriculture) | Original collection name: We Could Run Away
  • Smoke and Ashes — dark grey black-flecked matte
    Corresponds to: District 12 (Mining) | Original collection name: Fight to the Finish

The Original collection name refers to the names the colors had when this was the Capitol Colors collection, BD (Before Drama). Information on older collection and color names found at The Hob.

Luxe and Lush originally caught my eye, followed by Dress Me Up. I added Fast Track to my must-have list as soon as I saw someone else's manicure with this color! Stone Cold and Smoke and Ashes both initially didn't interest me too much, until I saw several manicures and got a better look at the colors. I added Harvest Moon and Agro because while I do have some similar shades, and I'm not a huge fan of either orange polishes (in general) or olivine green polishes, both seemed interesting enough to be added. (If nothing else, they'd make good stamping polishes.) I skipped Hook and Line after reading so many complaints about the semisheer coverage and the poor spreadability.

Thus far, I've worn Agro, Dress Me Up, Fast Track, Stone Cold, and Harvest Moon. I have, but haven't yet worn, Smoke and Ashes or Luxe and Lush. I'm looking forward to laying L&L over some of my darker colors...though initially I had hopes that it was more of a flakie polish like Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure, or the Nfu Oh flakie polishes.

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