Color Features: Shop Your Stash, August 2018

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This month’s featured Sleek i-Divine palettes are Sleek’s Curacao and Sleek’s Bohemian. Both are discontinued, and both were LE. Bohemian is old enough that it had been discontinued for a while by the time I got my first Sleek palette. Featured colors this month are medium blue and medium orange.

Since people perceive color differently, colors that are bluish-green may look more blue to some, more green to others. Colors that appear medium-dark may look more “medium” to one and more “dark” to another. Don’t be surprised if your idea of a “mediumish blue-green but more of a dark teal” is someone else’s “medium blue”! This is all about using things you haven’t used in a while, not about getting a global definition of what a color is.

Color Features: Shop Your Stash, August 2018

Some example products (all stuff I own, so…there are definitely others) include: Aromaleigh’s Planetearth, Aromaleigh’s Aether,  BE’s Blue Ball, BFTE’s Bewitched, CND’s Lost Labyrinth, Femme Fatale’s Marauders, Maybelline’s Tenacious Teal, OPI’s Sahara Sapphire, Shiro’s Erotic Friend Fiction, BareMinerals’ Buxom New Orleans, BareMinerals’ Buxom Skipper, CND’s Shells in the Sand, ColourPop’s Fancy, Meow Cosmetics’ String of Pearls, Milani’s Golden Bronze Shadow Eyez, NYX Cosmetics’ Jumbo Eye Pencil in Orange, OPI’s Pros and Bronze, and Sephora’s Tropical Dancefloor.

Post links to your looks in the comments all month. (For this, I allow - nay, ENCOURAGE - links in comments.) List the products and techniques you used, include a tutorial or review if you’re so inclined. You can post your looks on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, your own blog, Imgur, Reddit, other forums, wherever you like. Just be a good neighbor and observe the community’s posting/linking guidelines. Don’t forget the hashtags! #ShopYourStash #ColorFeatures

(Comments on this page will close on the first day of the next month. After that, post your looks on that month’s page. There will be one, I promise!)

Color Features: Shop Your Stash, August 2018 Shop Your Stash: August 2018 Shop Your Stash: August 2018

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