Color Features: Shop Your Stash, October 2018

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This month’s featured Sleek i-Divine palettes are Sleek’s Enchanted Forest and Sleek’s Bad Girl. Both are discontinued, and both were LE. Bohemian is old enough that it had been discontinued for a while by the time I got my first Sleek palette. Featured colors this month are dark green and dark yellow.

Since people perceive color differently, colors that are bluish-green may look more blue to some, more green to others. Colors that appear medium-dark may look more “medium” to one and more “dark” to another. Don’t be surprised if your idea of a “mediumish blue-green but more of a dark teal” is someone else’s “medium blue”! This is all about using things you haven’t used in a while, not about getting a global definition of what a color is.

Color Features: Shop Your Stash, October 2018

Some example products (all stuff I own, so…there are definitely others) include: Aromaleigh’s Satin Laces, BFTE’s Antique, Color Club’s Pearl District, Fyrinnae’s Gilded Wings, Maybelline’s Gold Shimmer, Meow’s Purrsnickety, Shiro’s Constant Vigilance, TKB’s Crucible Gold, Zoya’s Richelle, Meow’s Forni-Cat, Aromaleigh’s Moss, Aromaleigh’s Viper’s Sting, BE’s Black Sea, China Glaze’s Emerald Fitzgerald, Color Club’s Artsy Craftsy, Fyrinnae’s Callipygian, LaurEss’ Sorceress, Meow’s Deranged, Sally Hansen’s On Pines and Needles, and Shiro’s Have a Biscuit Potter.

Post links to your looks in the comments all month. (For this, I allow - nay, ENCOURAGE - links in comments.) List the products and techniques you used, include a tutorial or review if you’re so inclined. You can post your looks on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, your own blog, Imgur, Reddit, other forums, wherever you like. Just be a good neighbor and observe the community’s posting/linking guidelines. Don’t forget the hashtags! #ShopYourStash #ColorFeatures

(Comments on this page will close on the first day of the next month. After that, post your looks on that month’s page. There will be one, I promise!)

Color Features: Shop Your Stash, October 2018 Color Features: Shop Your Stash, October 2018

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