Final contest winner!!

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Please pardon the gaps...

The site is in mid-migration now (manual migration of over 7,000 entries, so there's a lot to be done.) The entry stubs are created for older content, but for the most part, the actual content isn't there quite yet. I am working on it. Unfortunately I have no ETA. But feel free to link to any page! When the content does get populated, the URL will stay the same.

Final contest winner!!

I actually have mobility!! I'm not 100%, I still have to move slowly and there's still pain, Miscellaneous: Final birthday contest winner!!and I'm taking Tylenol and Aleve every 5 hours; but I'm doing better than I was yesterday. I'm not going to push it - I'm going to spend today the same way I spent the last half of Friday and all of Saturday, laying flat on the heating pad and resting.

I did want to get the final contest winner announced, though - fewer comments last week, but there was a bit of a choice. Congrats again to Lisa Kate, who also won the third week's contest! (Now I predict that if I get four comments a week, it will indeed be a busy week :D ) I want to get back to doing my looks, and maybe I'll do one later today. (Or maybe not. That whole “taking it easy” thing. I really don't want my back to start spasming again.)

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