Free Zoya color spoons this Friday, December 10

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Free Zoya color spoons this Friday, December 10

Discovered over on Evil Angel's site: apparently, this Friday December 10th, Zoya's going to spoon with everyone (well…everyone in the continental US.) They're giving away 6 free color spoons - and not only will you get your six color spoons, you'll get the credit toward a future purchase. That's $3 (fifty cents per spoon, six spoons), which you can apply toward shipping, toward another bottle, whatever. Shipping is apparently free, which is nice. Just enter code SP6. More info, and Zoya's official pretty picture-coupon-thing, over at Scrangie's place.

I'm eyeing Cassi, Felicity, Pru, Venus, Calypso, and Snowsicle. (I'd actually love to test out L.A. Pop, but it's not available as a color-spoon.) What about you?

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