Jordana’s Cat Eye Liner collection review

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  • Manufacturer: Jordana Cosmetics
  • Availability: available at drugstores, all-in-one stores (Fred Meyer, Kohl's, Target, et cetera), etailers
  • Description: 8 eyeliners
  • Cost/Amount: USD$2.99 for 0.04 ounces/1.13 grams
  • Would you purchase again: yes
Jordana’s Cat Eye Liner collection

I was interested to try these when they came out: liquid liners available at drugstores, with a really nice price point. None of this $15 stuff (not all drugstore makeup is in this range, but some of it is…and not all of it is worth it.) I haven’t tried tons of Jordana, but what I have tried, I’ve liked. These are excellent! The brush is great for finer detail, and the bristles are nicely trimmed and shaped. It almost looks like a silicone pointer-applicator…but, nope. It’s a brush. I’m not too interested in a few of the shades, but that’s personal preference and comes solely down to the colors.

Photos that show how the product actually performs...! See how I create my swatches

Two eyeliners, swatched: Black Leather, and Brown Black Three eyeliners, swatched: Future, Suede, and Twilight

The brighter colors don't have as great a color payoff as the darker shades - though the gold does apply very evenly, without the thinner spots that I saw with others' swatch-photos of Envy (the light green.) One thing to note is their staying power. These don't last as long as Stila's Sparkle Eyeliner, another liquid-with-brush eyeliner. These aren't sold as waterproof, and even applied over primer I don't get quite a full day's solid wear out of them...but I can easily get 8-9 hours. That's fairly good performance for something that costs under USD$5.

This collection contained:

  • Brown Black — dark brown high-shine creme
  • Black Leather — deep black high-shine creme
  • Twilight — medium-deep blue shimmer
  • Suede — dark purple shimmer
  • Future — metallic gold shimmer
  • Caribbean — electric-blue shimmer
  • Envy — light green shimmer
  • Violet — medium lilac shimmer

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