Meow Cosmetics’ Dark Dreams collection

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  • Manufacturer: Meow Cosmetics
  • Availability: available through the company's webstore every October beginning 2015 (seasonal availability)
  • Contains: 9 eyecolors
  • Cost/Amount: USD$7.00 for 1.6 grams; $1 for a sample baggie
  • Would you purchase again: yes
Meow Cosmetics’ Dark Dreams collection

All of the colors in this collection are toward the deeper, more saturated side of the spectrum. The shades are mostly cooler colors with a few neutral-ish shades. It’s similar to last year’s Something Wicked collection, in terms of color depth; but there were more greens/browns/golds in SW, so these two collections complement each other fairly well.

Meow Cosmetics’ Dark Dreams collection

This collection contained:

  • Black Mass — dark charcoal shimmer
  • Bog Wench — medium moss-green satin
  • Carnage — browned-red with heavy gold shimmer
  • Demonology — dusty violet shimmer
  • Inferno's Light — metallic silvered lavender shimmer
  • Kelpie — deep olive satin
  • Phantasm — metallic muted violet-blue shimmer
  • Purgatory's Shadow — metallic deep turquoise shimmer
  • Strix — medium violet shimmer

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