Meow Cosmetics’ Panache Blush collection

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  • Manufacturer: Meow Cosmetics
  • Availability: part of the regular line
  • Contains: 14 blushes
  • Cost/Amount: USD$15.50 for 4 grams (20 gram jar); USD$8.50 for 2 grams (10 gram jar); $1 for a sample baggie
  • Would you purchase again: yes
Meow Cosmetics’ Panache Blush collection

A collection of blushes with a slightly shimmery satin finish, and colors that blend and “melt” into your complexion to help with a “lit from within” blush. The colors are all over the spectrum - there’s a wine-red, a more vivid berry-pink, even a soft purple. The colors are not super-bright, nor all super-soft. If you prefer your blushes with very little to no shimmer, but not exactly “matte”, this collection may be a good place to start trying Meow’s blushes.

Meow Cosmetics’ Panache Blush collection Collection: Meow's Panache blushes Collection: Meow's Panache blushes Collection: Meow's Panache blushes

I was first attracted to Bewitched and Swagger. I have about six of the blushes in this collection, and I've worn Brio and Oomph a few times apiece and really liked the results. I just haven't gotten around to swatching them yet. (This is what happens when you have a ridiculous backlog built up.)

This collection contained:

  • Bewitched — lavendar-rose satin
  • Bombastic — semisheer buff-pink satin
  • Brio — muted cool rose satin
  • Charisma — pink-grapefruit satin
  • Dazzle — semisheer watermelon satin
  • Eclat — semisheer raisin-berry satin
  • Flamboyant — semisheer cool berry-fuchsia satin
  • Oomph — semisheer dusky lilac-mauve satin
  • Pizazz — semisheer buff-pink satin
  • Sprightly — semisheer salmon-coral satin
  • Swagger — semisheer tulip-pink satin
  • Verve — semisheer muted strawberry satin
  • Vim — semisheer honeyed coral satin
  • Vivacity — semisheer clear cherry-pink satin

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