Review and Comparison: Rimmel Mascaras

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Review and Comparison: Rimmel Mascaras

I've read forum posts, blog entries, and comments raving about Rimmel mascaras, saying that they're one of the better drugstore brands. I was in Walgreen's the other day running some errands when I noticed a 50% off sale on all Rimmel mascaras. (Apparently that was in-store only.) Okay, I thought, let's give two of these a shot. So I got Sexy Curves and Volume Mousse Mascara, both in Extreme Black. Sexy Curves claims to increase the curve of your lashes by up to 70%. Volume Flash Mousse claims to - you guessed it - make your lashes thicker.

I got home and applied both mascaras - one to each eye. I went through finishing up the day, making dinner and feeding the cats. When I next went to the mirror to check on the stuff's performance after 20 minutes, one went through my mind. It was not a very complimentary word. Not exactly rude, but somewhat pejorative. Well, I thought: it's cold, maybe the stuff works better slightly warmed (as do many mascaras). Maybe these are older tubes, and that's why they were being sold at 50% off. Who knows?

So today I tried the experiment again. First, though, I put one tube in each of my track pants pockets and carried them around with me for about 30 minutes while I cleaned the kitchen, fired off a few emails, and sorted the laundry. Then I went to apply again.

The brush on the Sexy Curves is…well, it's weird. It's not possible to apply this stuff evenly with that brush…though it did go on with a minimum of clumping. I wasn't able to immediately judge the “curve” claims, as I'd curled my lashes before application. The Volume Flash Mousse applicator was covered in clumps of mascara-stuff. Remember, this is after more than half an hour of being carried next to body heat, and yet still there were clumps. The brush applied the stuff more evenly, but on most days I don't need to use a lash comb. With this stuff, I did. It was not looking good. Still, I combed out the worst of the clumps (more on the Volume Flash Mousse side than on the Sexy Curves application), and went about my day. I just rechecked about 20 minutes ago. No smudges under either eye. The Sexy Curves lashes still had a decent amount of curl to them. The Mousse lashes had all but straightened back out.

The end verdict? I'm going to chuck the Volume Flash tube, and I don't think I'll ever buy Sexy Curves again. I don't feel like it was a total waste of money, but I've got to spend too much time re-going over my lashes with that weird applicator. I'll stick with my stand-by.

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