Stila’s Holiday Brush kit review

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  • Manufacturer: Stila Cosmetics
  • Availability: through the web store and channel partners
  • Description: 5 makeup brushes
  • Cost/Amount: USD$28
  • Would you purchase again: if it was on sale again, yes
Stila’s Holiday Brush kit

I got these during the 2011/12 winter holidays, when the set was further reduced to $15. I’d relatively recently begun trying this and that Stila items (beyond their liners, which I’m utterly in love with) and wondered how their brushes would stack up to the ones I’d tried. This gave me an opportunity to try an assortment, and not pay a huge cost or buy several kits.

I haven’t used them extensively - mostly I’ve used the long black blending brush, and the slightly pointed “domed concealer brush.” True to form, I’m using the names as suggestions, not hard and fast rules smile I do use the blending brush for blending, but also for softer stippling. The concealer brush I use to apply accent colors to the inner corner of my lid. The domed shape of the concealer brush fits my eye shape pretty nicely, and gets the color where I want it and not everywhere else.

Thus far I'm least impressed with the powder brush. The bristles aren't scratchy or overly stiff, but I tend to want a powder brush to either be very fluffy, like a fiber-optic brush, or to be very very soft. This is kind of soft, not very full, and the bristles are just a wee bit longer than I typically use. If Stila's powder brush is at just the wrong angle to my face, it feels a little like being kissed by a killer whale. (It shares that with the elf Studio Powder brush, whose bristles are perhaps a tad long and definitely very much ‘artificial'.)

Shortly after I bought this set, it was marked as Sold Out. I'm not sure how long it was available, but given that it was called a Holiday Brush Set, I'm guessing that it wasn't available much before mid-September 2011. I'm not necessarily sorry that I bought these brushes, and I do like the concealer brush…even if I don't use it for applying concealer. But I won't start haunting the Stila site, watching for more brush sets to come available.

This collection contained:

  • powder brush
  • lip and liner brush
  • all-over blending brush
  • domed concealer brush
  • eyeshadow brush

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