The SheSpace’s Random Acts of Color collection

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  • Manufacturer: The She Space / About Face Cosmetics
  • Availability: mid-February 2009 to mid-March 2009 through TSS' online web store or at the Chicago boutique
  • Contains: 20 multilayered and color-changing hues
  • Cost/Amount: samples $.50 each or $9.50 for all 20; full 3-gram jars $4.50 or $85.00 for all 20
  • Would you purchase again: some colors, yes
The SheSpace’s Random Acts of Color collection

The strong response to the Storypeople collection - bright hues in the midst of winter - plus the light reflecting off of yet another snowfall inspired this collection. According to the description, “all of the colors posted either twinkle with multiple shades of light, or change color when applied to the skin.”

This collection contained:

  • Blisstified — gold lime green sheen
  • Bold and Beautiful — iridescent berry blue sparkle
  • Broken Wings — peach pink shimmer
  • Clean Living — baby-blue sparkle
  • Clearly Psychotic — iridescent coral copper shimmer
  • Cranky Pants — raisin berry sparkle
  • Hap Hazard — iridescent gunmetal sparkle
  • Miss Defiant — warm magenta sheen
  • Modest Envy — iridescent olive shimmer
  • Much Less Daunting — emerald lime sparkle
  • Name Dropper — deep blue sheen
  • Over-rated Perfection — rich green iridescent sparkle
  • Paper Dolls — metallic magenta sparkle
  • Shake Your Groove Thing — grape berry sparkle
  • Sour Grapes — periwinkle grape shimmer
  • Tall Drink of Water — iridescent aqua sparkle
  • Too Eccentric — hot plum copper sparkle
  • Trolling for Hotties — vivid grape sparkle
  • Trophy Wife — iridescent blue sparkle
  • Witches of Wit — metallic melon sparkle

Before I received my sample set and had tentatively chosen which colors I'd get in fullsize jars, I thought that I would skip Blisstified, didn't need Too Eccentric, and was on the fence for Clearly Psychotic and Broken Wings. For the sake of my bank account, I probably should stick with my original list...but these colors are just too pretty!!

First swatch set, left to right, one dry swatch and one wet of each color: Hap Hazard; Witches of Wit; Clearly Psychotic; Broken Wings; Paper Dolls; Miss Defiant; Bold and Beautiful; Cranky Pants; Shake your Groove Thing; Sour Grapes

Second swatch set, left to right, one dry swatch and one wet of each color: Too Eccentric; Trolling for Hotties; Blisstified; Much Less Daunting; Modest Envy; Overrated Perfection; Tall Drink of Water; Clean Living.

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