Zoya’s Bibhu Mohapatra @ NYFW Custom Color Trio kit

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  • Manufacturer: Zoya/Art of Beauty
  • Availability: February 2012 from the webstore only - set sold during New York Fashion Week
  • Contains: 3 nail colors
  • Cost/Amount: USD$24.00
  • Would you purchase again: yes
Zoya’s Bibhu Mohapatra @ NYFW Custom Color Trio kit

When Zoya’s Color Trios boxes came out, I wasn’t too impressed - only because I had all the colors they were offering in their box sets! The presentation was lovely, a velveteen-lined box with three bottles of Zoya polish inside. But I already owned so many of the colors, that every single one of their available Color Trios had one (usually two) colors I already owned!

When New York Fashion Week came around and the beauty blogosphere exploded with “recreate this look” and “what they’re wearing on the runway”, I didn’t get too wound up. I’ve never been hugely interested in fashion week in New York, London, Paris, anywhere else…but when Zoya posted about their designer custom colors on Facebook I was a bit intrigued by the collection of colors inspired by Bibhu Mohapatra’s runway show. Rekha is a warm red; Parveen is a peachy-nude; and Zeenat is a cool pewter. I like the fact that two of them are described as being “two-coat full coverage”, and I’m interested to see the “liquid crystal effect” on Parveen. I also got a bottle of Sparkle Gloss Top Coat (it was free, along with purchase of a set), and I’m definitely looking forward to getting and wearing these colors! Zeenat looks almost like it might be a cousin or Pasha or Brizia, and Parveen looks a little like Aromaleigh’s Zinnia in nail-polish form.

Text below is from Zoya's web site, about the collection:

The models all wore Rekha (the red) on their left hands and either Parveen (the nude) or Zeenat (the pewter) on their right hands.

We wanted to know why Bibhu wanted the models to wear different colors on each hand, so he told us the story for this assortment's inspiration. He told us that the red was an homage to his mother. When Bibhu was growing up, he remembered his late mother always wearing the most beautiful color of red nail polish on her nails. Because it was customary to eat with your right hand in India, she only wore the red on her left hand. So he always remembered her left had being painted That was the look that Bibhu was trying to recreate as the models were coming down the runway. All the models wore Rekha on their toes.

Zoya Rekha: A full coverage, rich, classic red cream. Described by everyone at the show as "most beautiful red they have ever seen"
Zoya Parveen: A nude with a liquid crystal effect and two-coat full coverage.
Zoya Zeenat: A soft pewter with a liquid glass finish and two-coat full coverage.

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