Zoya’s Flame collection

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  • Manufacturer: Zoya/Art of Beauty
  • Availability: beginning October 2010 through the webstore and salon retailers
  • Contains: 6 nail colors
  • Cost/Amount: USD$36.00
  • Would you purchase again: not the whole kit; but individual colors, yes
Zoya’s Flame collection

If you're searching the net looking for the Fire and Ice collection from winter 2010...you've found it. Zoya changed the name of this collection shortly after its release. I'm not 100% sure why that is; but I can make a guess:

  • this collection contained only six colors. Usually, when Zoya releases these twinned collections (Wicked and Wonderful, Uptown and Downtown, Chit-Chat and Gossip) there are twelve colors total - six of one loosely-grouped theme, six of another
  • three of these colors are deeper, jeweltoned microglitters with same-color sparkle (Fire?), while three are brighter, less rich colors with gold sparkle (Ice?)
  • my guess, therefore, is that two collections were planned but only half of each collection was produced and released...and the two halves were later combined into a single collection called "Flame"

(I could be so very wrong on that. But it seems to fit the available facts, doesn't it?)

At any rate, this collection contained:

  • Crystal — metallic aqua-blue sparkle with gold microglitter
  • Gloria — metallic strawberry-pink sparkle with gold microglitter
  • Lisa — metallic candied-raspberry sparkle with microglitter
  • Sarah — metallic ruby-red sparkle with microglitter
  • Tiffany — metallic peach-pink sparkle with gold microglitter
  • Valerie — metallic red-violet sparkle with microglitter

Like all of Zoya's microglitter colors (see the Wicked collection), one coat of these will give you an almost foiled finish. Two coats and the microglitter is a little more apparent. For whatever reasons, though, two of the colors I got - Gloria and Tiffany - didn't really give good even coverage, and I had to use three coats to get fully opaque coverage and no "bald spots".

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