Aromaleigh v1’s Spring Solstice 2009 colors review

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  • Manufacturer: Aromaleigh
  • Availability: March to April 2009 from the webstore; 14 colors made permanent January 2010
  • Contains: 22 eyeshadow colors originally; 14 made permanent a year later
  • Cost/Amount: USD$8 for 1.2 grams; $1.30 for a sample baggie; the entire collection in either sample size ($28.60) or full size ($176.00)
  • Would you purchase again: yes, some colors...and some that I missed out on
Aromaleigh v1’s Spring Solstice 2009 colors

To date, I have not been a huge customer of Aromaleigh - largely because of how I got into mineral makeup, needing to use store-brands I could test first and then looking for lower prices, then slowly trying out this small merchant and that one. So while Aromaleigh v1’s been active for quite some time and I had visited their site, I didn’t really know anyone else who was using their products, I didn’t dig deeply enough to see the photos of proper swatches, I didn’t get involved in the community…I didn’t see anything that made me decide, “Yes - I’m going to try them out” until relatively recently.

Aromaleigh v1's Spring Solstice collection had twenty-two eyecolors, with 14 being added to the permanent lineup nearly a year after its initial debut:

  • Alyssum — champagne pink shimmer
  • Bellflower — deep cool lavender shimmer
  • Calendula — warm brown shimmer
  • Candytuft — pink violet sparkle (limited edition only)
  • Chickory — warm copper sparkle (limited edition only)
  • Forget-me-not — turquoise sparkle
  • Greenbrier — blue green sparkle
  • Godetia — warm brown shimmer (limited edition only)
  • Heartleaf — medium-deep yellow-green sparkle
  • Hemlock — cool green-brown shimmer (limited edition only)
  • Jessamine — golden forest-green shimmer (limited edition only)
  • Larkspur — lavender pearl iridescence (limited edition only)
  • Lupine — blue violet sheen
  • Mallow — golden coral shimmer (limited edition only)
  • May Lily — ice-pale green sheen
  • Nasturtium — rich blue-red sparkle
  • Ondberry — deep red-purple shimmer
  • Phlox — cool blue-grey sparkle
  • Tansy — cool deep gold shimmer (limited edition only)
  • Trillium — bright neutral green shimmer
  • Viburnum — cocoa brown pewter pearl
  • Zinnia — coral peach with violet iridescent highlight

I initially got Mallow, Alyssum, Bellflower, and Zinnia from this collection during its first outing. Money was not flowing smoothly, so I was not able to place the additional order that I wanted. I did eventually get Trillium, Forget-me-not, and Viburnum at a later date (winter 2010, when the collection was made permanent) and was able to order Lupine and Phlox at my leisure; but I completely missed Candytuft (edit: I got it later, during the spring 2010 vault sale. Yay!) Mallow and Alyssum are so very, very similar that I wish I had only gotten one. They're like Beyond Skin Deep and Define Beauty from The SheSpace: both extremely similar, both softer near-neutrals, one slightly better for warm complexions with the other slightly better for cool complexions. I'm initially thinking that I'll use Alyssum more than Mallow...but, really, they are awfully close.

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