Aromaleigh v2.1’s Anthousai collection review

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  • Manufacturer: Aromaleigh v2.1
  • Availability: beginning Spring 2013 from the company's webstore
  • Contains: 10 eyeshadows
  • Cost/Amount: USD$6.507.25 for 1.2 grams / 0.035 ounces; USD$3.50 for a 1/4 mini/deluxe sample; USD$12.50 for sample collection
  • Would you purchase again: yes, some of the colors
Aromaleigh v2.1’s Anthousai collection

There are some very attractive shades in this collection. They’re springy without being completely pale pastel - Anemone is definitely not a pastel shade! They’re not quite as hydrophobic as other Aromaleigh shadows, but I just don’t know that I’ll be getting any of these in fullsize. I do have to work a little harder to get the product to apply evenly because of the mixing medium I prefer to use (distilled water), and while there are some very attractive shades - Phylira, Anemone, Ianthe, Syrinx - they’re not necessarily unique to my collection. They are near-dupes of some now-gone colors, which is nice…but I have those now-gone colors, so I’m good.

Photos that show how the product actually performs...! See how I create my swatches

Aromaleigh v2.1’s Anthousai collection Aromaleigh v2.1's Anthousai collection Aromaleigh v2.1's Anthousai collection

If you’re eyeballing these colors, grab a sample set and see how they work for you. If they work for you, by all means grab the colors! They just don’t work very well for me, and the colors I like, I already have versions of those shades.

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