BBAC 2014, Day 24: Glitter Gradient NoTW

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BBAC 2014, Day 24: Glitter Gradient NoTW

I found some glitter gradient tutorials online, including several at <a href=“” target=“_blank”>Lucy's Stash</a> (though I tend to prefer written-with-text as opposed to video, at least I can see how things are done in the video and even take it apart to build my own pic-tutorial.) The ones I preferred were using small-particle glitter (because I don't own any large particle glitter, and didn't really want to go get any.) I did have a glitter polish - OPI's Goldeneye - but I wanted to first try with another glitter, a less expensive one. Lucky for me, Sinful Colors' holiday shades include a few small-particle glitter polishes. I grabbed the only two bottles of a gilded-pink glitter, intending to try them over a red polish.

Well…it sort of worked. I didn't get as smooth a gradient as I wanted, and I know what I did wrong. So…another learning experience. At least these results aren't quite as dire as my previous NoTWs for this year's Advent Calendar.

Photos that show how the product actually performs...! See how I create my swatches

BBAC 2014, Day 24: Glitter Gradient NoTW Nail Files: NoTW: Glitter Gradient
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