Makeup Revolution’s Reloaded palettes review with swatches

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  • Manufacturer: Makeup Revolution
  • Availability: released in waves, beginning in February 2018
  • Contains: 15 eyeshadows per palette
  • Cost/Amount: USD$8.00 per palette
  • Would you purchase again: yes, some of the palettes
Makeup Revolution’s Reloaded palettes

Makeup Revolution’s products can be hit-or-miss. I’ve tried their mascaras (miss), their eyeliners (mixed bag), their blush palettes and highlight palettes (mixed bag), their Colour Books (hit), their their Forever Flawless palettes (hit), and their Maxi Reloaded palettes (hit). The Forever Flawless are good, but they don’t travel well. I was doing my long-commute, staying in hotels twice a week, and I wanted some eyeshadows that would just live in my travel-bag. I wanted something rather inexpensive, and picked up the Provocative and Marvellous Mattes palettes one afternoon in Ulta. They worked fairly well for me: I had a small palette of near-neutrals and a colorful palette, and they both travelled quite easily in a pocket of my duffel. I use the elf C Brush and Smudge Brush, and apply the colors over either Wet n Wild’s Photo Focus Eyeshadow Primer or NYX Cosmetics’ Pigment Primer.

I have about half of these, and I don’t know that I’ll be purchasing too many more. While a few are less versatile than others, I haven’t run across any palettes that are markedly worse than the others that I’ve tried. They are harder-pressed, and can have a little less color payoff than their pressed-pigment palettes…which only makes sense. Most palettes are about 2:1 shimmers to mattes. A few have sparkle-finish shades, but most do not.

Several of these are color-dupes for much more expensive palettes. They are also, quite often, a subset of colors in another Makeup Revolution palette. (That may be a strategy to provide similar color palettes to multiple price-points within the MUR line.) I’ve included a listing all of the Reloaded palettes and the items that they’re a color-dupe of, as well as the MUR items that they’re a color-subset of. If anyone else has any further information to complete this list, leave a comment.

Palette name
Color subset of these MUR palettes
Release date
Color dupe of these non-MUR palettes
Iconic New-trals vs Neutrals Jan 2018
Urban Decay Naked 3
Reloaded Iconic Fever Jan 2018
Forever Flawless Fire Urban Decay Naked Heat
Reloaded Iconic Vitality Jan 2018
Anastasia Modern Renaissance
Reloaded Iconic New-trals 2 Jan 2018
Maxi Reloaded Big Love similar to Huda Beauty Desert Dusk and Mauve Obsessions
Reloaded Iconic Division Jan 2018
Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture
Reloaded Basic Mattes Aug 2018
Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics
Reloaded Velvet Rose
Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam
Reloaded Visionary Aug 2018
Forever Flawless Unconditional Love Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina
Reloaded Iconic New-trals 3 Aug 2018
Reloaded Iconic 1.0 Feb 2019
Iconic 1 Urban Decay Naked 1
Reloaded Iconic 2.0 Feb 2019
Iconic 2 Urban Decay Naked 2
Reloaded Iconic 3.0 Feb 2019
Revolution Iconic 3 Urban Decay Naked 3
Reloaded Fundamental Feb 2019
Forever Flawless Affinity J*Starr Blood Sugar
Reloaded Provocative Feb 2019
Forever Flawless Allure Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam
Reloaded Marvellous Mattes Feb 2019
Maxi Reloaded Monster Mattes J*Starr Jawbreaker
Reloaded Passion for Colour Feb 2019
Maxi Reloaded Dream Big
Reloaded Hypnotic Apr 2019
Forever Flawless Optimum Anastasia Beverly Hills Sultry
Reloaded Red Alert April 2019
Reloaded Deep Dive May 2019
Forever Flawless Ice J*Starr Blueblood
Reloaded Blackout October 2019
Forever Flawless Constellation & Optimum J*Starr Cremated
Reloaded Empire Jan 2020
Reloaded Euphoria Jan 2020
Forever Flawless Birds of Paradise
Reloaded Prestige Jul 2021
Reloaded Sugar Pie Jul 2021
Forever Flawless Butterfly

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