PR, press, advertising, and sponsor information

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PR, press, advertising, and sponsor information

Do you want to:

  • send me product samples for review
  • place ads on my site
  • place sponsored content on my site
  • place links on my site
  • invite me to join your affiliate program

No. No to everything.

This site doesn't earn me money. I don't ever intend to monetize it. I don't want the hassle of researching potential guest posters, making the decision on whether or not their content is aligned with my site, and then doing the whole back-and-forth dance. I also don't want to bother coming up with a rate card, and then trying to get my money from said advertisers. Advertising isn't some kind of dirty business. But, like working with wet clay or running a daycare center, it's something that I have no desire to engage in.

Feel free to permanently remove, nay, even blacklist, my site from all of your marketing contact lists.