PR, press, advertising, and sponsor information

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PR, press, advertising, and sponsor information

Do you want to:

  • send me product samples for review
  • place ads on my site
  • place sponsored content on my site
  • place links on my site
  • invite me to join your affiliate program

No. No to everything.

This site is, and always has been, a hobby for me. I don't ever intend to monetize it. I get to do what I like - compare colors, show similarities, post things that I want to talk about - without having to do what I don't like - networking, vetting and scheduling third-party content, marketing, and all the rest. Like working with wet clay or running a daycare center, professional blogging is something that I have no desire to engage in.

Feel free to permanently remove, nay, even blacklist, my site from all of your marketing contact lists. You're busy enough. So here's me, making your job one teensy tiny little bit less complicated.