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Sparklecrack Central is a noncommercial site, privately run and funded. All content is copyright under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

Content and text

For kits and products, I have a summation at the top that spells out who made the item, where the item(s) could be bought, (sometimes) the availability start and end dates, the cost, a summary of the items in the kit or collection, similar shades/items, and whether or not I would buy the product again. All of this information, with the exception of similar shades and whether or not I would buy it again, are straight facts. Facts cannot be copywrited, and can be re-used with no attribution at all.

The prices of products as printed on my site reflect standard retail price in the US at the time I purchased the product. Depending on market conditions, currency value fluctuations, and the manufacturer's price at the time you purchase, you may pay more (especially on things like Zoya nail polishes, where the price per bottle increased from $6 to $7.)

Similar shade information, my opinions and experiences with the product, and my reviews may be excerpted for noncommercial purposes, with attribution (LiAnn of Sparklecrack Central, My reviews may not be used on sites like, or any other site where the posters are given money, points, or any form of credit for adding content. (If you're doing that, by the way - writing content for a site that pays you in "points" that you can redeem for prizes in their "store" - you're effectively earning twenty-five cents an hour or less for your work. Meanwhile, those sites will make money from your work not just once, but again and again as they renew deals with advertisers who pay for being shown on sites ranked high in the various search engines. Even if all you do is scrape content from other blogs, you're selling yourself cheap.)

Photos and Images

The photos in the upper right hand corner of kits, collections, and individual product entries is most often the manufacturer's or retailer's professional photography. (Hint: they're often captioned "(professional photography)".) In some cases - most notably older kits from Bare Escentuals - when I couldn't find a professional kit photo, I did what QVC often does: they assemble a professional photo using pics of the individual brushes, colors, and other products. These images may be re-used without attribution to me, as they are the manufacturers/vendors artwork. Attribute the vendors / manufacturers instead, or mark them as "professional photography".

Additional artwork for the Buxom Lip Polishes is all done by Neryl Walker, for Bare Escentuals' packaging. The "professional photography" images that use larger versions of Neryl Walker's artwork are composites assembled by me, in a similar manner that the self-assembled kit photos are made. Attribution should go to me (LiAnn of Sparklecrack Central, for the final composite, to the manufacturer for the product image, and to Neryl Walker for the "buxom girl" artwork.

Photos in the body of the entry itself (detailed photos, swatches, and "action shots") as well as photos of the individual pots of eyeshadow, blush, and face powder, are mine. Beginning in December 2010, all images were taken with a Canon PowerShot SD1300 IS. (If it's blurry, that was taken with my 4-megapixel Samsung. What a difference 6 years and 8 megapixels makes...) Indoor images are taken with a daybulb, macrofocus mode, most often with no flash. These photos may be re-used with attribution to me (LiAnn of Sparklecrack Central,

Random artwork (usually on miscellaneous entries or things like the Beauty Blogger Challenge) is sourced from, a large no-cost royalty-free image resource. While most artwork on that site is free for noncommercial re-use without artist-specific attribution, check each image's specific availability and restrictions information. Some require you to notify the artist; some require you to get written permission in advance if re-using for any kind of commercial work. Almost all disallow use in works that you will resell, such as website templates, brochure templates, et cetera. You may re-use the images I have created from images, with the exception of the site masthead or logo. You may re-use these images without attribution to me. If you want the high-resolution versions of this or that image, you'll have to go look for them on No, I will not create or edit images for you. (Actually, yes I will. I'll charge you my standard graphic design rate, which is $70 an hour, billed in 30-minute increments with a 1-hour minimum.)

Image hotlinking is blocked. That means if you want to re-use a particular image, you may not link to the image hosted on my server but must instead host it on your own server (or your own Photobucket account, or other image hosting provider.) If you try to link to an image hosted on my server, you will just see a broken image on your own site. No exceptions will be made to this rule. This keeps my bandwidth costs down, and protects you from having unexpected broken images on your site if / when I change my directory structure and / or file names.