And now, a musical interlude: Dreamside feat. Rogue “Open Your Eyes”

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And now, a musical interlude: Dreamside feat. Rogue “Open Your Eyes”

This is one of the songs I've been listening to constantly for the past week. The band is the Dreamside, a goth/electronica band from the Netherlands. I found it because this song featured Rogue, the lead singer from the Crüxshadows. This video is on YouTube a couple of times...this is the highest-quality version I've found.

If folks are interested, here's my Crüxshadows playlist. I'm slowly building it, going around YouTube picking the best-quality videos I can find (because a few of them suck...and while the first one, Winterborn, is starting to degrade, it's a great video!! and it isn't uploaded anywhere else on YouTube...that I've found.)

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