Aromaleigh: coupons and contests and colors (oh my!)

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Aromaleigh: coupons and contests and colors (oh my!)

I placed an order for a few Aromaleigh colors today - just a few hours ahead of their deadline on a 25% discount!! Add to that an additional 25% off when I used their April Fool coupon, and I managed to save quite a nice amount on some gorgeous colors! I also ordered a few colors from their Spring Solstice collection - even though I did buy from that collection, I only got myself a few colors. Some of the others I liked the looks of included Trillium, Maylily (which I would have sworn up, down, and sideways was a pale golden or ecru - turns out it's icy pastel green), and Ondberry.

I ordered:

  • another jar of Spaceoddity — from the Sonic Rocks collection
  • another jar of Planetearth — a lovely rich robins-egg blue with mauve sheen - VERY similar to TSS' Trophy Wife. Also from the Sonic Rocks collection
  • Iwantcandy — bright hot pink!! (also from the Sonic Rocks collection). I only found out after I'd ordered that this color is blacklight-reactive.
  • Zinnia — Looks pale peach, but the color shifts to lavendar. I love shadows that do this!! From the Spring Solstice collection.
  • Mallow — coral gold sheen. From the Spring Solstice collection.
  • Alyssum — champagne pink pearl. From the Spring Solstice collection.

Edit: later in the day, I made another order. (Yes, I have a shocking lack of self control.) Instead of getting some more Spring Solstice colors, I got several from the Pure Luster collection:

  • Olivia — copper golden pearl.
  • Lillith — heather grey with green and blue sheen.
  • Lola — soft grey with pink pearl.
  • Diamanda — orchid pink pearl.
  • Kiki — warm pink shimmer.
  • Tanaquil — sky blue shimmer. This is another color I managed to get in the 10g packaging.

And a few more from the Sonic Rocks collection, and two others:

  • Adrenochrome — silver grey shimmer.
  • Avalon — earthy bluegreen sheen. Another one that I have since learned is blacklight reactive.
  • Moonagedaydream — deep teal with gold pearl.
  • Justlikeheaven — clear cool green sheen.
  • Cosmos — midtone periwinkle blue pearl. From the Pure Eyes Frost collection, same as the now-discontinued colors Dawn and Ocean. I got this one in their old packaging - the 10g jar - so this actually cost less per jar than the 5g jars. (Sadly, there were few colors still available in this size.)
  • Angel Bouquet — soft smoky-based peach taupe pearl, from the Gothic Lolita collection.

I sort of wanted some other colors from the Spring Solstice collection; but decided to purchase other colors instead, especially when I noticed that they had run out of a color that I decided to get. Turns out it was a good decision - my budget is groaning enough as it is!!!

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