Aromaleigh is closing

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Aromaleigh is closing

Aromaleigh is closing. That's two major suppliers of my color fixes (and the vendor of my absolute favorite Holy Grail color corrector in the whole wide world…I've tried five vendors' products and they simply did not measure up) that have closed this past year.

Go read the news, then place your final orders. Note that being able to place an order for a product does not mean that you will receive the product. But…if you've been holding off, grab stuff now while there's a chance that it will still be in stock.

Addendum, June 30 2010: some further information about the drama surrounding Aromaleigh, which was likely one of the major contributing factors in the owner's decision to close: some of the bandwagon-riders and their tactics.

I've been vaguely aware that something was happening behind the scenes, but have stayed as far away from the drama as possible because I was interested in buying quality makeup - not in being anyone's friend, or acolyte, or buddy; not in getting involved on any side in what might be an actual discussion, or what might be (and seemed to be) a series of backbiting attacks that metastisized far out of proportion to some actual problems with customer service. I stayed out of the drama because I really don't care about the face behind the brand (in fact, “a face behind the brand” usually is a chief turn-off for me because it smacks of manipulation.) I care if the product provides value for my money - and Aromaleigh v1's products provided good value for my money. I know that people are mean, vindictive, self-centered, and petty; that women seem to have been indoctrinated at an early age that other women are the competition and must be sabotaged at any opportunity; that many people believe that if they use a pseudonym and post on the internet that they can say whatever they want with no regard for the consequences; and that the art of research and constructive criticism is not something that most people are taught (because it teaches and encourages thinking for oneself, which rarely serves the systems or individuals in power.) People suffer from information overload and feelings of helplessness, and go on tears, and then get locked into a mob mentality and a downward cycle of destructive and ultimately self-destructive behavior. They don't draw the line between the behavior of the person, and the quality of the product - which should be drawn, unless the behavior of the person is so reprehensible that a sane human being would consider them a societal threat on the magnitude of Charles Manson or Ted Bundy. The owner of Aromaleigh has certainly done her own share of less-than-intelligent things in relation to customer service and revealing personal information online; and these folks seemed to take that as a license to get as bitchy as they want.

How that kind of behaviour helps anyone or protects them from truly unsafe products, I have trouble imagining.

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