Aromaleigh v1’s Feather Boa review

Posted on Thursday, at bought • 237 views

  • Manufacturer: Aromaleigh
  • Availability: available as part of the Eye Plush collection
  • Color Range: pale blue-green pearl
  • Cost/Amount: USD$6.75 for 1.2 grams
  • Would you purchase again: no
Aromaleigh v1’s Feather Boa

I got this color…but it was considerably more “white” and less “green” than anticipated. Apparently the whole collection is this way: a group of barely-tinted whites, for use as highlighters and accent colors. Thus, this was the only color I got from the collection and the only one I'll be getting. The wear, the texture, those are all fine. But I just don't have much use for these “barely-there” whiteish colors.

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