Aromaleigh v1’s Hi-Fi Mattes collection review

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  • Manufacturer: Aromaleigh
  • Availability: released in November 2009 through the company's webstore
  • Contains: 20 eye colors
  • Cost/Amount: USD$8 for 1.2 grams. Sample baggies also available at $1.00 per baggie.
  • Would you purchase again: yes
Aromaleigh v1’s Hi-Fi Mattes collection

I was a bit dubious about this collection…only because it had bright almost-neon colors and I prefer jeweltones and greyed colors. I sampled some of the colors, but was less than impressed. Then Aromaleigh v1 announced its closure, and I broke down and bought some of the shades that I’d previously thought, “Nice, but not what I’m really looking for…”

This collection contained:

  • Ankle Biter — warm orange matte
  • Big Tickle — teal cyan matte
  • Cat's Pajamas — orange-toned coral matte
  • Cool It — bright blue matte
  • Cranked — muted coral red matte
  • Daddy-o — muted turquoise blue matte
  • Fake-out — muted blue violet matte
  • Flip your Lid — bright pumpkin-orange matte
  • Got Dibs — warm purple matte
  • Heels on Fire — mauve pink matte
  • In Orbit — chartreuse green matte
  • In the Mix — smokey violet matte
  • Kookie — cool pink matte
  • Radioactive — cool green matte
  • Real Gone — bright lemon yellow matte
  • Smokin' — smokey mauve matte
  • Spaz — bright lime green matte
  • Supermurgatroid — coral orange matte
  • Train Wreck — pinked red matte
  • What's Shakin'? — cool purple matte

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