Aromaleigh v1’s Rocks! Sonic Eyes collection review with swatches

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  • Manufacturer: Aromaleigh
  • Availability: from the company's webstore; regularly available beginning in 2007
  • Description: over 80 bright colors - some matte, some with glitz, some blacklight-reactive
  • Cost/Amount: USD$6.50 for 1.2 grams. Sample baggies also available. Entire collection available for $520.00
  • Would you purchase again: yes

NOTE: All information on this page refers to the Rocks Sonic Eyes shades available from late winter 2007 to spring 2010.

Aromaleigh v1’s Rocks! Sonic Eyes collection

For anyone who's long since wanted brighter MMU colors, check out the Sonic Eyes collection. You've got over 80 shades in every color imaginable, in all finishes. And this is part of Aromaleigh v1's regular line, unlike so many kits and collections that are available for a month or two...and then are gone.

Some of these colors are even blacklight-reactive, which means that they'll glow when you pass under a blacklight. Perfect for clubbing...or just putting a small blacklight on your desk at work, turning it so the light falls on your face, and watching your co-workers stop and stare (or just wonder if they really did just see your eyes glowing.)

NOTE: some folks decided that since these colors were blacklight reactive, they must have contained substances that were not FDA approved for cosmetic use, or for use near the eyes. The ingredients for Bluemonday are listed (on the jar label) as: "mica [CI 77019], titanium dioxide (CI 77891], iron oxide [CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499]. May contain polyester-3, D&C yellow 5 and 11, D&C orange 5, D&C violet 2, D&C blue 1, D&C red 22, 28, and 40; calcium sodium borosilicate, ferric ferrocyanide [CI 77510], tin oxide [CI 77861]." That "may contain" notice is like notes on chocolate bars that say "prepared in a facility that was also used to prepare nuts". It's so that violently allergic people know to avoid the product if even a trace amount of the listed item - which is harmless to the majority of the population - may kill them. Same with Rocks colors and the D&C lake dyes: to many people, these dyes cause no problems; but to others, even the most minute quantities of these substances can cause reactions ranging from undesirable (temporary staining of the skin) to damaging (allergic reactions, rashes, inflammations).

Photos that show how the product actually performs...! See how I create my swatches

Aromaleigh v1’s Rocks! Sonic Eyes collection Collection: Aromaleigh v1's Rocks! Sonic Eyes Collection: Aromaleigh v1's Rocks! Sonic Eyes Collection: Aromaleigh v1's Rocks! Sonic Eyes Collection: Aromaleigh v1's Rocks! Sonic Eyes Collection: Aromaleigh v1's Rocks! Sonic Eyes

These colors are what the manufacturer calls "a hybrid cosmetic product", in that they combine mineral makeup base and ingredients (and lack of preservatives, which means the colors will not "go bad") with organic dyes to get the more intense shades. People who have had allergic reactions to organic dyes are urged to get samples and patch-test before using the colors, particularly the pinks, reds, and purples. [Further links of interest]

The Sonic Rocks collection does also have rouges, lip colors, body powders, and "glam glitter" eyeshadows. All are part of the regular line.

This collection is so large, I'm not going to list all of the eye colors. I'm just going to list the ones I own (which is still over 50% of this entire collection):

  • Atomic — bright yellow matte (blacklight-reactive)
  • Avalon — muted blue-grey-green sparkle (blacklight-reactive)
  • Adrenochrome — silver sparkle
  • Badreputation — garnet wine sparkle
  • Bigneonglitter — bright glowing yellow shimmer (blacklight-reactive)
  • Bluemonday — bright blue matte (blacklight-reactive)
  • Blueorchid — lush royal-indigo matte (blacklight-reactive)
  • Bluespark — bright peacock-blue sparkle
  • Boilingpoint — dark fuschia-magenta sparkle
  • Brownsugar — warm rosy brown shimmer (blacklight-reactive)
  • Deathvalley — warm sand with gold, brown, and green sparkle (blacklight-reactive)
  • Destinationunknown — indigo-blue iridescent sparkle
  • Dirtydeeds — burgundy-wine sparkle
  • Dominion — dark indigo-blue sparkle
  • Downwardspiral — dark brown-burgundy gold sparkle
  • Endlesssea — vivid ocean-blue-green matte (blacklight-reactive)
  • Fanclub — hit pink sparkle with blue iridescence (blacklight-reactive)
  • Flowersofromance — dusky rose sparkle (blacklight-reactive)
  • Funkytown — intense violet-blue matte (blacklight-reactive)
  • Hitormiss — violet purple sparkle (blacklight-reactive)
  • Iwantcandy — hot pink sparkle (blacklight-reactive)
  • Jigsawfeeling — true-green sparkle
  • Justlikeheaven — cool green shimmer (blacklight-reactive)
  • Ladystardust — deep lush royal-indigo sparkle (blacklight-reactive)
  • Lazysod — lush green shimmer
  • Livewire — lemon yellow sparkle
  • Lookinforakiss — hot fuschia pink shimmer (blacklight-reactive)
  • Moonagedaydream — superrich deep teal blue with gold shimmer
  • Newrose — hot coral-pink matte (blacklight-reactive)
  • Obsession — magenta fuchsia matte (blacklight-reactive)
  • Oceanrain — vivid ocean-blue-green sparkle (blacklight-reactive)
  • Ozone — superrich deep teal blue matte (blacklight-reactive)
  • Peekaboo — bright tangerine-coral sparkle (blacklight-reactive)
  • Personalitycrisis — hot coral-pink sparkle (blacklight-reactive)
  • Planetearth — bright cerulean blue with pink sparkle
  • Poisonivy — lush green matte (blacklight-reactive)
  • Prettyvacant — vivid tangerine matte (blacklight-reactive)
  • Psychocandy — bright pink sparkle (blacklight-reactive)
  • Ringoffire — deep brown with blue sparkle
  • Rockbottom — vivid warm red sparkle
  • Shadowplay — blackened iridescent teal green sparkle
  • Slowburn — dark-chocolate copper sparkle
  • Spaceoddity — dark indigo blue sparkle
  • Swampthing — muted blue-grey-green matte (blacklight-reactive)
  • Taintedlove — deep earth-red sparkle
  • Teenagekicks — bright pink matte (blacklight-reactive)
  • Tempted — bright red matte (blacklight-reactive)
  • Vampira — deep garnet red sparkle
  • Velvetgoldmine — gold terracotta sparkle
  • Vivelerock — hot fuchsia-red with blue-silver sparkle
  • Whiteriot — white with silver sparkle
  • Whitewedding — white with iridescent sheen

You should also be aware that many of the colors in this collection have a sparkly version and a "matte" version. There may be times when you want matte while you usually want the sparkle. Just be aware when you're placing your order :D It can be easy to get carried away when looking at all the brightly colored goodness, so I made up a table showing the matches:

  • matte = sparkle

  • suspectdevice = peek-a-boo
  • prettyvacant = coralfang
  • atomic = bigneonglitter
  • prettyinpink = iwantcandy
  • newrose = personalitycrisis
  • teenagekicks = psychocandy
  • obsession = raspberryberet
  • funkytown = purplerain
  • spellbound = hitormiss
  • blueorchid = ladystardust
  • bluemonday = bodyelectric
  • endlesssea = oceanrain
  • ozone = moonagedaydream
  • justlikeheaven = strychnine
  • greenhell = venom
  • swampthing = avalon
  • poisonivy = lazysod

(Once I took the time to read through all the color descriptions and examine everything closely, my "wish list" from this collection was pared by about 1/3. :D I bought the matte versions of many of the colors when the collection was discounted 40%, to clear out old inventory in preparation for a complete reformulation of all of the colors. I kept separate jars of the matte versions - for completeness' sake, I suppose - but also combined the various matte colors with the Interplanetary Traveller micas from TKB to create Rock the Planets. Yes, I know the name is hardly original. But the colors are great, and I had fun creating them.)

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