Aromaleigh v1’s Sorette review

Posted on Friday, at bought • 423 views

  • Manufacturer: Aromaleigh
  • Availability: part of the Lost In Faerie collection
  • Color Range: rose-gold taupe shimmer
  • Cost/Amount: USD$8 for 1.2 grams
  • Would you purchase again: yes
Aromaleigh v1’s Sorette

A few bloggers have mentioned that this is their least favorite color in the LiF collection. I love it, though: it's a mid-brown-red-gold / lightly-toasted-cinnamon shimmer that doesn't exactly match anything else I currently have. I think this will work very well for me, and I'm hoping - praying - that I can find another vendor who makes something similar, or that Aromaleigh will come back at some point and have this color in its permanent stock.

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