Aromaleigh v2.1’s Les Douze Mois collection review with swatches

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  • Manufacturer: Aromaleigh
  • Availability: beginning December 2017 from the company's webstore
  • Description: 12 eyeshadows
  • Cost/Amount: USD$7.25 for 1/2 teaspoon; USD$3.50 for a 1/8 tsp sample jar
  • Would you purchase again: some colors, yes
Aromaleigh v2.1’s Les Douze Mois collection

This collection was started as a replacement to Aromaleigh’s sample program: instead of several samples, each order over a certain minimum would receive one mini jar size of a “deluxe sample” jar, but with about half the product) as a gift-with-purchase. These colors were released for each month starting in June 2017.

Photos that show how the product actually performs...! See how I create my swatches

Aromaleigh v2.1’s Les Douze Mois collection Collection: Aromaleigh v2.1’s Les Douze Mois Collection: Aromaleigh v2.1’s Les Douze Mois

I ended up getting three shades in full size: Sultry Bloom, Poppy Flaunts, and Chorally Resonant. The other shades were either too similar to others I already had, or the color just didn't pique my personal interest.

This collection contained:

  • JUN 2017: Sultry Bloom
  • JUL 2017: Imperfect Impulse
  • AUG 2017: Poppy Flaunts
  • SEP 2017: Inward Melodies
  • OCT 2017: Autumnal Spells
  • NOV 2017: Evening Curled
  • DEC 2017: Crystal Fretting
  • JAN 2018: Keenly Glow
  • FEB 2018: Clustered Gleaming
  • MAR 2018: Scarecely There
  • APR 2018: Chorally Resonant
  • MAY 2018: Morningstar

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