Aromaleigh v2’s Alchemie collection review

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  • Manufacturer: Aromaleigh
  • Availability: part of the regular line; available beginning in July 2012 through the webstore
  • Contains: 20 eyeshadows
  • Cost/Amount: USD$8.00USD$6.50 for 1.2 grams / 0.035 ounces; USD$1.00 for a sample baggie
  • Would you purchase from this collection again: yes
Aromaleigh v2’s Alchemie collection

One of the first “permanent" collections introduced by Aromaleigh v2, this set was based off of the Elemental Lustres collection. For each eyeshadow, they listed its closest equivalent (if it had one) in the old Elemental Lustres collection so that people could either avoid accidental dupes, or pick up more of a shade that they’d previously fallen in love with. All 20 of the shades are metallic finish, with a solid color payoff. Most of the shades have the base color and complementary or contrasting shimmer. They’re not duotone (though there is one duochrome-esque shade in here), they’ve just got several things going on - and in a way that enhances the base color, rather than being overwhelming.

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Aromaleigh v2’s Alchemie collection

This collection contained:

  • Abracadabra — metallic coppery-chocolate shimmer. Similar to v1's Ardent.
  • Aether — metallic sapphire-blue shimmer. Similar to v1's Infidel.
  • Amulet — metallic gilded-silver (or silvered pale gold) shimmer. Similar to v1's Astonish.
  • Animus — metallic bronze-chocolate shimmer. Similar to v1's Seethe.
  • Aqua Vitae — metallic indigo-iris shimmer. Similar to v1's Swank.
  • Chrysopoeia — metallic bright gold shimmer. Similar to v1's Gleam.
  • Clairvoyant — metallic olive-gold shimmer. Similar to v1's Ego.
  • Cryptic — metallic heathered-lilac shimmer. Similar to v1's Wonder.
  • Divination — metallic cool light taupe-green shimmer. Similar to v1's Startle.
  • Fata — metallic pure silver shimmer. Similar to v1's Fume.
  • Geomancy — metallic medium-deep coppery-brown shimmer. Similar to v1's Crucible.
  • Guise — metallic medium-light olive green shimmer. Similar to v1's Alchemy.
  • Inferno — metallic burnt orange-red shimmer. Similar to v1's Blaze.
  • Mercurial — metallic gilded blue-green shimmer. Similar to v1's Abyss.
  • Oracle — metallic soft cocoa-mauve shimmer. Similar to v1's Entangle.
  • Superstition — metallic cool wine-purple with blue shimmer. Similar to v1's Underground.
  • Talisman — metallic vibrant red shimmer. Similar to v1's Torment.
  • Trance — metallic tarnished gold-green shimmer. Similar to v1's Blast.
  • Transmutation — metallic umber-orange shimmer. Similar to v1's Pyro.
  • Ritual — metallic warm medium brass-brown shimmer. Similar to v1's Fraud.

The list of similar color comparisons comes from Aromaleigh's own web site. Sometimes the similarities are pretty spot on, such as the Fume/Fata; other times, as with Abyss/Mercurial, the similarities are a bit more tenuous. If you're looking for an old beloved favorite shade from the Elemental Lustres, you at least have a starting point. Buy samples, compare, and decide if the color is close enough to be an exact replacement, or is attrative, but not the very same shade.

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