Atlanta Beauty Shopping: The partial wish list

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Some of you may have caught the tweets (or the posts, or the mentions in some of her YT videos, or the countdown prominently displayed on my site and on hers) about my upcoming trip to Atlanta, where I'll be spending the week with my friends Sirvinya and Numindan. Planned activities include beauty shopping and geeking out at Dragon*Con over Labor Day Weekend. (And eating a bit too much. And drinking a bit too much. And trying a dessert experiment. And looking for a place that serves fried cheesecake. And getting Sirvinya the chance to have some proper pancakes.)

Atlanta Beauty Shopping: The partial wish list

I want to try the Stila smudgepots. A few bloggers I read regularly have used them, and while I've been fairly devoted to MAC's paint pots and Benefit's creaseless cream shadows, Stila looks like it has a few shades that neither of those two currently do. The muted green and the grey look interesting - in large part because most other lines stick with neutrals and browns. Even MAC has pruned their regular paint pot collection in the past year, pulling Delft (blackened blue shimmer) Artifact (blackened burgundy shimmer) Fresco Rose (rose shimmer) and Girl Friendly (pink creme), leaving behind some truly lovely colors like Soft Ochre and Indianwood and Rubenesque - but dramatically narrowing the shade range. From descriptions on various web sites, I think that Stila's original marketing intent with the smudge pots was as a cream liner…but I've gotten fairly good at using products how I think they'll work, instead of just “how they're marketed”.

The waterproof liquid eye liners also look like something to check out. I tried Sephora's version, and wasn't thrilled…but Sephora's makeup tends to be hit-or-miss. (For example, I adore the Flashy Eyeliners, but loathe the Nano Eyeliners.) Sephora's color transferred. I would think that something marked as “waterproof” would -=not=- do that! Here's hoping that Stila's felt-applicator liners - both the regular and the ‘sparkle' version - do a better job!

I want to try the Buxom smokey-eye sticks. I'm a total fiend for the Buxom lip pencils and polishes, but haven't really fallen so hard for the cream shadows, lip balms, or many of the other products in this sub-line…but since I'll be splurging in ATL anyway, I want to get one of these and try it out for a bit. I'm looking at Silver Sword (which looks more like blue steel [and that's only in Title Case if we're talking about Derek's modeling work]) and possibly Bow and Arrow (green) or Stiletto (purple).

I sent the link to Make Up For Ever's metallics palette to Sirvinya. Because I'm


evil like that. I don't know if I'll get one or not - I'm much more of a loose-powder person than a ‘palette' person, with a few very specific exceptions. Probably depends on how the colors look when we get there. Or if there will even be any in stock when we get there.

I tried Make Up For Ever's Aqualiners, but just wasn't thrilled. Their Aquarelle paints look interesting, though. (I haven't seen these in any Sephoras near me - though admittedly these are smaller stores. Here's hoping the one in Atlanta is a larger store!)

I'd like to try and find a blush brush that's a cross between a regular blush brush, and a fiber optic brush (for more diffuse, softer application but a little bit more control in terms of placement.) Am I completely insane, or do you folks know if something like this exists anywhere?

I want to get some more Wet and Wild Xtreme Wear or Fast Dry polishes, if they bring out any that I haven't seen yet.

I'd like to see if I can snag a few more NYX jumbo eye pencils when we're at Ulta. (If I don't have the colors in stock, I can always order them online. Or if they have the colors I want but they're not sealed. *shudder* Drugstore makeup really unnerves me some times.)

MAC is going to be releasing a collection this fall which includes eight paint pots. 8!!! (Sadly, these won't be available until September 15th. That's over a week after I get home from this trip. Well, maybe the MAC store will have demos available to try out, so I can at least know which ones I want to buy…!)

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