Bare Escentuals’ discontinued items (rumor has it…)

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Bare Escentuals’ discontinued items (rumor has it…)

Rumor (or a post on BEA) has it that the following items from Bare Escentuals are being least in their boutiques. If you've wanted to buy any of these items from your local BE boutique, now's the time to go in after them:

Frolic Eyeshadow, Graphite Eyeshadow, Soft Focus Style, Spirited Eyeshadow, Socialite Glimmer, Saucy Glimpse, 1990's, Fascination Glimpse, Karaoke Glimmer, Bronze Leaf Liner, Opera Liner, Sublime Liner, Sure Thing Liner, Classic Black Mascara (gone for a while now), Classic Espresso Mascara (gone for a while now), Chocolate Souflee Lipstick, Amaretto Lipstick, Buzz Latte Lip Balm, Soft Focus Warmth, Soft Focus Glee, Soft Focus True, Warm Radiance, RSVP Blush, Sedona Blush

A few of these things have been unavailable for a while now. Others have only recently shown up at the BE outlets. Some...I think they're just putting the colors into the vault, to bring them out in five years or so (like Girlfriend Margo, Organza, Drift, Rio, and some others that were unavailable/HTF and have been released in the past year.)

You may still be able to find these items through BE's various channel partners like Sephora, Macy's Nordstrom's, and so forth. You may even be able to find them at your local boutique until supplies run out. After that...look for them in 2013 or thereabouts.

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