BareMinerals’ Pretty Amazing Lip Color collection review

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  • Manufacturer: bareMinerals/Bare Escentuals
  • Availability: initially released through QVC beginning in 2010; later available through the webstore, boutiques, and channel partners
  • Contains: 14 lip colors (and counting)
  • Cost/Amount: USD$16 per full-size (.13 ounce / 3.685 gram) tube
  • Would you purchase again: yes
BareMinerals’ Pretty Amazing Lip Color collection

I had faint hopes that this would be a lip-stain type of product. Sadly, this does not appear to be the case! The site copy says that it’s supposed to be hydrating. I don’t know about that, but it isn’t drying or irritating in any way. There are also fully opaque, so you ladies who were so looking forward to the full-color Buxom lip polishes - so as to have non-sheer, non-matte color - may want to check these out. It does have its drawbacks, though - chiefly, the applicator. Yea and verily, it sucketh. I can use the very point to outline my lips, but using the flat of the applicator invariably puts too much color on my lips and using the side gets me thinner application at the inner and outer edge and thicker in the middle. I suppose it would be absolutely great…if my lips were exactly as wide as their applicator. They’re not. Thus, the suckage. I do wish they’d just stick with doefoot applicators, if they’re going the flocked-sponge route!

This collection contained:

  • Allure — tanned peach creme (introduced in spring 2011)
  • Ambition — warm fuchsia creme
  • Bravado — medium-deep velvet rose creme
  • Charisma — bright cool coral creme
  • Confidence — cool medium-deep rose creme (introduced in spring 2011)
  • Courage — medium muted red-orange creme
  • Fearless — cool mauve-rose creme
  • Free Will — warm pink-tan creme
  • Moxie — vivid petal pink creme
  • Oomph — sheer light pink sheen (introduced in fall 2011)
  • Rouge — cool brick red creme
  • Sass — sheer nude shimmer (introduced in fall 2011)
  • Savvy — pinked golden tan creme (introduced in spring 2011)
  • Strength — fire-engine red creme
  • Vivacious — cool rose pink creme
  • Witty — cool berry creme (introduced in spring 2011)

A few of the colors I listed above are, currently, only available in kits. Rouge was released in the Perfect Gift kit, and hasn't been seen elsewhere. Vivacious was in the Face Fashion: Pretty Wild kit, and hasn't been seen elsewhere. However, if BE sees enough interest in those colors, they may at some point be added to the regular lineup. I personally prefer Rouge to Strength - Strength is a very bright red, whereas Rouge is more elegant (in my opinion) without losing a drop of the intensity. Vivacious is a lovely rose that looks similar to a few favored lipsticks from other lines.

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