BBAC 2012: Day 18 - Indie beauty holiday goodies

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I skipped a day. I feel a bit bad - largely because I started this, and had plenty of time to put things together! But real life intervened, and then I got a horrible cold that I'm trying to shake before Friday, so that Saturday I can get on a plane and fly down to visit my parents.

I'm here to report that while sometimes generic is just as good as branded, sometimes it isn't. And that was definitely the case with the daytime/nighttime cold and sinus medication. (El Generico was fairly meh, and only let me really sleep for about two hours at a time. The Nyquil Sinex let me have two four-hour blocks of sleep. Much, much better. I still sound like I've got a head-cold, but I'm not nearly as tired, nor do I sound like an old car trying to start.)

BBAC 2012: Day 18 - Indie beauty holiday goodies

The beauty goodies are out in force! Everywhere you look, new things to tempt you. And I'm not going to help one bit. I'm going to suggest things! With most of these, it's probably too late to order today and receive the items by December 24th. But there's always New Year's gifts. Or Julian-calendar Christmas, which is on January 7th. Or the ever-popular “Die finem Y” celebrations.

Aromaleigh has brought back several of their previous collections, including Holiday Blast and Pure Eyes Lustre. These and several other collections are <a href=“” target=“_blank”>25% off this week, through December 20th</a>.

Meow Cosmetics' <a href=“” target=“_blank”>End of Days collection</a> is here through Friday and then…it's gone. For good. If you love richly pigmented shades, you want to get <a href=“” target=“_blank”>Hopeless, Ragnarok, and Hysteria</a>. Meow's shipping is such that if you order today, it probably won't be there before Christmas…but it's worth the wait. You can get an additional 20% off your entire order with the code HollyJollyKitty. Don't forget the seasonally-expanding Christmas Shoppe with all of its collections, which will be available for a bit longer (and will be coming back next year.)

Beauty from the Earth's Miss Conduct and Miss Behavior kits are both excellent - these are limited edition, and quantities are limited, so get yours soon. And one for your friends, too - these kits make excellent stocking stuffers!

Lipgloss fans will want to try Shiro Cosmetics' holiday-themed glosses Red Ryder, Leg Lamp, and Triple Dog Dare. (G'wan, get them just for the artwork. You know you want to!) If eyeshadow is more your thing, the Color of the Month is called The Tears of Retail Employees.

Today’s giveaway is a full set of Sephora + Pantone Foiled Metallics waterproof eye pencils. Open to registered members only, international. I love the color palette on these!

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