BBAC 2013, Day 12: Bath and Body Works’ Frosted Snowberry

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I love Bath and Body Works' Triple Moisturizing Body Cream, but I'm particular about scents. I don't care for overly floral, fruity, or sweet scents…which kind of leaves out most of their line. When I do find a scent that isn't one of the aforementioned things, AND it's one that works with my body chemistry, I tend to get very attached to it.

Which is why I really, really, REALLY should stay far far away from the holiday scents.

BBAC 2013, Day 12: Bath and Body Works’ Frosted Snowberry

In 2010, I fell in love with Yuletide Pear Vanilla, which was only released for one year. Then in 2011 I fell in love with Apple Wreath, which - you guessed it - was only released one year. Then in 2012 I gave Holly Berry a try since it seemed like the closest thing to Apple Wreath, and it was okay; but what I really loved was Frosted Snowberry…which didn't make an appearance in stores or on the site in 2013.

Dammit, anyway.

Frosted Snowberry is a cleaner scent, and I could swear that it actually does cool my skin somewhat for a while after application. It's like Essense of York Peppermint Patty was distilled and mixed into the lotion. (None of my other BBW lotions give me the same effect.) It does kind of smell like a fresh thick coat of powder - crisp, barely a hint of greenery and frozen earth buried in there somewhere.

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