BBAC 2013, Day 13: CoverGirl’s Lash Blast Length mascara

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I've used CoverGirl's LashBlast Length mascara for a few years. I've tried several other mascaras, but keep coming back to this one. It does what I want - defines and lengthens my lashes, adds a bit of definition but doesn't give me a “falsies” look - and it's inexpensive and easy to get, since it's available at just about any drugstore or supermarket that sells makeup.

BBAC 2013, Day 13: CoverGirl’s Lash Blast Length mascara

I've tried several varieties of LashBlast, and found that I really prefer the Length. The applicator is straightforward, longer, easy to use - not the bowed-out-in-the-middle applicator that so many of the other ones have. And while I might want perhaps a little bit of volume from time to time, what I really - and always - want is definition, color, and a little bit of length. (I think it's almost heretical to say that you don't want super-fat lashes that look like falsies…but here's me saying just that.)

For quite a while, this wasn't available in a waterproof formula. Now it is…but it doesn't seem to be very sturdy. With other waterproof mascaras, I will either get a little bit of smudge/transfer by the end of the day, or the mascara will stay in place until I take it off. LashBlast Length's waterproof formula doesn't seem to perform noticeably different from the non-waterproof formula: I get the beginnings of racoon-eyes about four hours after I first apply it, and have to clean up a bit. Irritating…but at least I didn't spend $18 a tube to learn that. Now I'll apply a waterproof topcoat over my LashBlast Length mascara, and I'm good for the day. (Finally - finally! - companies are marketing those again. I have two to review in 2014: Anastasia's LashGenius, and BareMinerals' Lock and Load.)

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