BBAC 2013, Day 25: Favorite holiday recipes

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So another Beauty Blog Advent Calendar completed! I ended up doing this one by myself, for various reasons - people who had to decline, others who didn't participate - but I had fun. I'll be doing it again next year, invite only (as in previous years.) I'm keeping the BBAC as as-free as possible, and keep in touch with community, promoting each other, and just enjoying blogging for the sake of writing and sharing your passion.
BBAC 2013, Day 25: Favorite holiday recipes

The winter holidays have already come and gone (well, in the northern hemisphere they're the "winter" holidays) so these recipes will be useful either five months from now, or eleven. I'd imagine that everyone's tired, stuffed, happy, and Done With Cooking for the year. (Until next week we'll all keep the takeaway places doing a brisk business. Either that, or make sure that we don't start off the new year with a fridge full of leftovers.)

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