BBAC 2013, Day 4: Jordana’s Twist n Shine Balm Stains

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Last year, I fell in love with Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Balmstains. They gave color with more staying power than Tarte's Lipsurgence, near the same application…at a fraction of the price. Thanks to a tip from Nouveau Cheap, I found something that performs similar to Revlon's Balmstains, at a fraction of *that* price.

Damn, but I feel smart. smile

BBAC 2013, Day 4: Jordana’s Twist n Shine Balm Stains

Jordana is a drugstore brand that I honestly hadn't paid a lot of attention to, previously. I tried some of their retractable lip and eye liners, because they were so inexpensive and they were right by the register; but since they didn't have loose powder eyeshadows, or cream shadows, or lip sticks on display…I didn't really work all that hard to get into them. I don't remember when the balm stain crayons first appeared on the racks, but I can tell you that there are currently eight colors, they tend to run just a little darker than the Revlon colors (more mauve tones, especially in the “pinks”), they don't last quite as long as the Revlons, but - BUT - they're USD$2.99 for 2.7 grams of product without any coupons or sale pricing.

I've seen these at Rite-Aid, Walgreen's and Fred Meyer. I haven't seen them at Target, but I'm guessing that if they were there they'd be with the ultra-budget items and I don't look at those sections when I'm shopping Target's beauty area. They don't last quite as long as Revlon, and there are currently only eight colors available and just the one type of semiglossy finish…but they're a really great value. My two favorites are Honey Love and Cranberry Crush.

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