BBAC 2014, Day 16: Stripes NoTW

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My nail art is definitely a case of “more enthusiasm than skill.” The stripes mani - my first ever - actually went a bit better than my previous attempts for this year's Beauty Blog Advent Calendar. There were still some problems with the color coming off of the striping tape when I lifted it off; and it wasn't as clean a job as it could have been. (And it's *!$^%*#^ impossible to find the end of a roll of .1mm striping tape!)

I see areas where I can improve the process, and my technique. But the results for today's manicure look a LOT better than my attempts at drizzle or sponge manicures.

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BBAC 2014, Day 16: Stripes NoTW

I started out thinking that I'd do a simple pair of diagonal lines over a foiled color, black polish over the top of the whole thing, then pull up the two stripes. I decided to try three stripes…and put polish over the top of half the nail. I like how the overall look turned out, though - as I said - there are some places where I could stand to improve. I now am keeping all my striping tape on an empty roll of medical tape, so it's easier for me to get a piece of tape that's the right size without having to constantly struggle to find the end of the roll. I can see a few places where the black polish was applied a little too thin. And I did pull slightly at the edges of the polish when I took the tape up, so I didn't wait quite long enough before pulling that off. Overall, though…not bad for a first try.

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BBAC 2014, Day 16: Stripes NoTW Nail Files: NoTW: Stripes

I put down a manicure using CND's Vinylux Chiffon Twirl, then put down three diagonal stripes per nail using metallic green nail striping tape. Then I grabbed a black high-shine creme nail polish and put it over the top of the first two stripes, stopping at the third so I had a combination half-nail angled colorblock with two stripes running through it.

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