BBAC 2014, Day 2: EoTD with Sleek’s Bohemian i-Divine palette

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Going through my Sleek palettes in alphabetical order. Because given the chance, I will organize things in some way shape or form rather than just be totally random. Today, I didn't use five colors. I used six. (And the final color was a bit unintentional, but…it worked.)

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BBAC 2014, Day 2: EoTD with Sleek’s Bohemian i-Divine palette

The Bohemian palette was released before Sleek started giving names to the eyeshadows in their i-Divines, so just about everyone uses a different system of naming them, so if this gets a little difficult to follow, you can doublecheck my review with photographs to see exactly which color I'm talking about. This palette also had saturated shades, but where the overall colors of the Arabian Nights kit were jeweltoned and cool colors like green and blue, these are a bit more autumnal with more red, brown, and orange tones.

Photos that show how the product actually performs...! See how I create my swatches

BBAC 2014, Day 2: EoTD with Sleek’s Bohemian i-Divine palette EoTD with Sleek's Bohemian EoTD with Sleek's Bohemian
<ul> <li>Wet n Wild's Fergie eyeshadow primer, entire lid <li>Sleek's Bohemian Lower-One (camel-tan matte), whole lid <li>Sleek's Bohemian Upper-One (metallic light sage), center lid vertical stripe <li>Sleek's Bohemian Upper-Two (metallic medium rust), outer center lid vertical stripe <li>Sleek's Bohemian Lower-Six (matte medium-deep brown), outer lid vertical stripe <li>Sleek's Bohemian Lower-Four (matte navy blue), outer 2/3 upper lash line <li>Sleek's Bohemian Upper-Five (cream matte), upper lid and orbital ridge <li>BareMinerals' Flawless Definition mascara, upper lashes </ul> <p>I decided to kill two birds with one stone, and use a different mascara every day. I had about a dozen in the backlog, but didn't see myself reaching for them, they are. I've used Flawless Definition quite a lot, and while it's pricier, I do like it. CoverGirl's LashBlast Length gives me the same results for less money, though, which is why I eventually ditched it. Other than the cost, it's fine for me: gives me definition, a little bit of volume (they also have a "volumizing" formula that gives even more volume...but they only have two colors, it's $19 a tube, and the waterproof is only available in black), and doesn't flake off or transfer like mad. It doesn't clump up, which is another big plus.</p> <h4>Today's Featured Site: <a href="" target="_blank">Today's Beauty Obsession</a></h4> <p>Meghan is a makeup enthusiast who writes about products she discovers, things she learns...I like finding other beauty bloggers who are skeptical about using Every Last Product and Technique, because when we find something that works, we're generally really good about explaining why it works and why we change our mind on a thing. To me, those types of reviews are not only valuable, but fun for me to read. (Any time I can learn something, I'm generally happier than if I'm just shown pretty pictures and told "Thing X works great, you should try it!")</p>

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