BBAC 2015, Day Eleven: Make me blush…

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I took a while to figure out how to apply blush so that it looked…acceptable on me. It wasn't quantity as much as placement. I never had clown-spots, but I didn't feel like the color was in quite the right place, either. Any tips that I found online sounded a little trite or outright dumb, or just didn't give me results that made me think, “Yep. This is what works for me, this really transforms my face in good ways.”

That didn't stop me from building up quite the collection of blushes, though.

BBAC 2015, Day Eleven: Make me blush…

I have cool coloring, pink undertones and paler skin and eyes (and hair.) I found out that I not only can wear lavendar and purple blushes, I actually look very good in them! I also figured out pretty fast that my aversion to tan-orange blushes is rooted in pretty good instinct, because I do not look good with orange/tan/warm-brown blushes at all.

Photos that show how the product actually performs...! See how I create my swatches

BBAC 2015, Day Eleven: Make me blush… BareMinerals' Posh blush Meow's Canna blush Meow's Heliconia blush Meow's Delicious Despair blush Fyrinnae's Mesmerize blush Femme Fatale's Daughter of Eve blush Beauty from the Earth's Sleepy Hollow blush My Pretty Zombie's THC blush
<h3>BareMinerals' Gala blush</h3> <p>Gala is a near-neutral pink-rose with a near-satin finish. It's very subtle on my face, but it isn't invisible. It's great for when I want to look like I'm wearing blush, but still don't want it to be too obvious.</p> <h3>BareMinerals' Posh blush</h3> <p>I think this was one of my first BE blush colors. It's a cooler blush! It's not purple, but there are definite fuchsia tones! I was kind of upset that this one was never released in full size...but that just meant that I bought 7 eyeshadow-sized pots off of Ebay and dumped them all into a 20-gram jar. This is one of my favorite "slightly more elegant" blushes.</p> <h3>Meow Cosmetics' Canna blush</h3> <p>A coral-rose with faint blue duochrome hints throughout. I got this blush the year its collection was released - I was initially a little worried that it might lean too orange to work with my coloring, or that it might be just a tiny bit too bright, or too shimmery. I loved finding out that my concerns were for nothing!</p> <h3>Meow Cosmetics' Heliconia blush</h3> <p>I held off getting Heliconia until I could swatch it. It's got a similar intensity as Canna, but it is a warmer shade. This one, I was almost sure would be too warm for me to wear easily. It does have more coral tones - melon, really - but it works just fine for extremely cool- or olive-toned skin.</p> <h3>Meow Cosmetics' Delicious Despair blush</h3> <p>A much richer red than my previous favorites! It's a deep berry-red that I can overdo if I'm not careful. But when it's applied softly, it's more dramatic than my usual blushes, but not overpowering.</p> <h3>Fyrinnae's Mesmerize blush</h3> <p>Magenta. Yes, it's magenta. Not everyone can wear magenta blushes, and not everyone who can wear them is comfortable with them. I -=love=- them!! Not too many companies make purple or even purple-ish blushes, though, because unless you're going to an 80s-themed party it isn't an obvious face-color choice. If you have cooler skintones, I urge you to find a sample of some purple/magenta/fuchsia blush and see how it looks on you.</p> <h3>Femme Fatale's Daughter of Eve blush</h3> <p>Looks like it's a gilded peach, but when applied, there's a melon-pink base color that comes through pretty strongly. This also works as a softer eye color - but since it's formulated as a blush, it can be a little bit sheer unless either foiled or applied a bit more heavily.</p> <h3>Beauty from the Earth's Sleepy Hollow blush</h3> <h3>My Pretty Zombie's Drugs Like Me: THC blush</h3>

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