BBAC 2015, Day Three: holiday shows review

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BBAC 2015, Day Three: holiday shows

When I was growing up, I watched a LOT more seasonal holiday shows! Most of it was simply having the time to watch so many shows. Some of it is just…getting older. I don't have much patience any more for this or that spin on similar holiday themes. But over the years, I have developed a very small list of favorites. (Don't worry. There is absolutely no “Christmas Story” in here anywhere.)</p>

<p>I used to regularly watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade - most often while sitting in my pajamas, tearing bread that was left to dry out overnight so that mom could use it in the stuffing - but as TV has changed I find that I no longer have patience for all of the ads that they cram into it. I went through a phase of watching the various Claymation specials, which changed to a “listening to the Claymation specials” which eventually disappeared. I have never fallen in love with “A Christmas Story” even though lots of people seem to love it. I watched it once, and while it didn't make me run from the room screaming, I can easily think of other ways I'd rather spend my time.</p>

<p>That said, there are a few movies that I'll gleefully watch just about every winter.</p>

<h3>Miracle on 34th Street</h3> <p>The 1947 version, NOT colorized if you please. I started watching this because my mom watched it one year when she was less frantic with the holiday preparations. I don't watch it every single year, but I do pull it out every 2-3 winters for a re-watch. I've watched the more recent version, and while it's cute, this movie's as much a nostalgia-trip as a movie that I genuinely enjoy.</p> <h3>Scrooged</h3> <p>Bill Murray vehicle that's Oh So Very 80s, but also genuinely funny. My family - mostly my mom and I - quote from this one a bit. Carol Kane is her usual over-the-top delightful self as the slightly deranged Ghost of Christmas Present.</p> <h3>Holiday Baking Championship</h3> <p>All of these shows on Bravo, Food Network, HGTV, et cetera...formulaic. I know this. Some of them I even scream at the TV when the faux-suspense is far too obvious. But I love watching the Holiday Baking Championship and the annual Gingerbread House showcases! I know that I won't ever be doing that much baking, and if I did, I'd give most of it away to friends and various shelters because if I tried to eat all of that I'd get ill. (Or, if I tried to store it all, I'd have to buy a new larger freezer.)<?p> <hr /> <p>It's been years since I watched The Wizard of Oz. I used to watch that every year when it came on...but that's when it came on in the spring. Wizard of Oz was a springtime movie when I was a child and a preteen. I don't know when it switched over to being an Easter-ish event!</p>

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