BBAC 2015, Day Twenty-three: Favorite fragrances

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I'm not a house-scenting maniac. (At least that's what I like telling myself. I have never had potpourri in any room in my home, nor have I ever had any plug-in air fresheners.) I used to burn incense, then for a while I used scented oils in a diffuser - and got to combine my love of candles with having the room smell like pine or juniper. (Once I accidentally put in a few too many drops of peppermint oil, and my apartment smelled like candycanes for the whole weekend.) Once I got cats, I had to change my habits slightly. I haven't regularly kept an oil diffuser lit in years. That used to be one of my favorite ways to scent a room…but, with active animals who can climb furniture, one's habits have to change a little bit. I still burn scented candles, though. I just use more stable candle holders…MUCH more stable.

BBAC 2015, Day Twenty-three: Favorite fragrances

I chose on my personal scents based on what I like and am willing to pay for regularly. (I'm not all that keen on paying $60+ for a bottle of perfume…mostly because most perfumes that I actually like are either far too strong, or fade away too quickly. After a little bit of experimentation I found what I did and didn't like, and was able to better guesstimate if I'd like a scent or not. I've found that I'll use scented shower gels and body lotions more than perfumes.

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BBAC 2015, Day Twenty-three: Favorite fragrances
<h3>Bath and Body Works' White Tea and Ginger, Moonlight Path, Dark Kiss, and Black Amethyst</h3> <p>My favorite "daily" scents. I don't completely divide their use by season...but my spring/summer is mostly White Tea and Ginger or Moonlight Path. Autumn and winter are a mix of Dark Kiss and Black Amethyst with a little Moonlight Path mixed in. I have the body lotion, body mist, and shower gels for all of these.</p> <p>This winter I got several tubes of this year's "snow" scent, Fresh Sparkling Snow. This may all be a mind trick, but in summer when I'm really hot I could swear that wearing these actually cools me down just a little. (I think it's totally psychosomatic, but hey, whatever works!)</p> <h3>Body Shop's White Musk</h3> <p>I used to use their perfume oil - very strong, so I only needed a very tiny amount; and it lasted a long time. The scent is just a tiny bit floral, a little spicy, and musky. (Additional bonus: it smells nice on me, rather than just in the bottle.) Then the perfume oil got discontinued...I didn't want another scented lotion or shower gel or even body mist. I wanted something more concentrated, but didn't want an eau de toilette. The eau de parfum finally went on sale and I bought two bottles while I had the chance!</p> <h2>For the house</h2> <p>I love having candles lit! As soon as I moved into this house I hung a pair of sconces over my fireplace - nicely bracketing the picture I have hung there - and I have candles in them whenever possible. I also have a couple of places where I can put larger candleholders, though not too many. With three cats, all of them pretty young, there aren't many places they can't get to, so I have to be careful. (Singed kitten fur is NOT a nice smell.)</p> <h3>Yankee Candle's Mountain Cabin</h3> <p>It's That Candle Scent. The one that has its own fic on Tumblr. This is perfect for me because it's a scent, but it's not overwhelming. It's also not floral, or cloyingly sweet, or "perfumey" like so many other candles can be, but it isn't astringent.</p> <h3>Ikea's apple- and cocoa-scented candles (Sinnling)</h3> <p>These used to be called Tindra, and the cocoa-scented candles used to be more readily unless my local Ikea actually has more in stock, I may have to ration the ones that I have left! These are cheap, cheap, cheap. They also smell quite nice. (Well, these two scents do. The others...not so much.)</p>

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