Friends and Family 2012 update

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So apparently there's been a slight change to the Friends and Family sale. According to the email I received on Saturday 11/3, and according to the frontspiece on the Linkshare Affiliate page for, the sale would not be advertised on the site and people would only be able to get the 20% discount if they got to the site through an affiliate link. Friends and Family 2012 update

Now, though, others are reporting receiving a different email, and I was contacted by the people who said:

We received a customer inquiry indicating that our Friends and Family Event is only available through the affiliate channel. Customers are actually able to access this event through other channels, so that information is inaccurate. Just wanted to make sure that everything is communicated to customers correctly to avoid any confusion.

No word on what those other channels were.

Apparently, though, if you go to, fill up your basket, and enter the promo code FF2012 you can get the 20% discount. This information was not communicated through any email that I received, nor is that information reflected on the Linkshare affiliate program site. On the plus side...people can now get the discount without having to click anyone's affiliate link! (So I've removed that from the banners on my site. Those now just link directly to Or you can always just type the URL into your address bar, et voila - you get the discount.) That information about the promo code was reported on NouveauCheap, who got the heads-up from reader @soleseoulsoul.

There are a few exceptions, which are spelled out on the affiliate-promo page (and presumably through these other channels they mention). The exceptions are:

During our special event, take 20% off* your order. Your special pricing will automatically appear as you add products to our shopping cart.

*Restrictions apply -- Gift Cards, Gift Certificates, and the following brands will not receive special pricing: Fresh, Jane Iredale, Palovia, Rodin. Offer does not apply to backorder or out of stock items.

Cannot be redeemed for cash. While supplies last.

Offer expires Friday, November 09, 2012

If folks would like to use my affiliate link, and give me a few bucks toward the Grand Atlanta Trip this coming summer, here's my affiliate link to

So there you go! One affiliate link, one plain-vanilla text link with promo code. The choice is yours, as I firmly believe it always should be. Happy shopping, all!

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