Beauty Bay’s Sunset Horizons palette review with swatches and photos

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  • Manufacturer: Beauty Bay
  • Availability: beginning in October 2020, from the webstore
  • Description: 20 eyeshadows
  • Cost/Amount: $18.00
  • Would you purchase again: yes
Beauty Bay’s Sunset Horizons palette

Once I tried the Bright and Fiery 2.0 from Beauty Bay, I decided to branch out and try a few of their other palettes. I picked this one up when I was ordering my backup Wilderness palette. I love the colorscheme, and I'm glad that got this palette, but I don't know that I need a backup of this one. I like some of Beauty Bay's other palettes more, and I thought this would have a few more golds and yellows.

On a distinct upside, all of the colors are richly pigmented and blend well. This is a wonderful palette with a good mix of warmer and cooler colors (despite my griping that I wanted more yellows and golds.) And it's inexpensive! Just USD$18.00, and since Beauty Bay often has sales you can pick this one up for even less.

Photos that show how the product actually performs...! See how I create my swatches

The entire Sunset Horizons palette. Four eyeshadows, swatched: Four eyeshadows, swatched: Four eyeshadows, swatched: Four eyeshadows, swatched: Four eyeshadows, swatched:

This palette contains:

  • Row 1: Dusk, Shell, Zest, Mirage, and Moonlit
  • Row 2: Flamingo, Cocktail, Reef, Burst, and Sorbet
  • Row 3: Hibiscus, Bikini, Oasis, Deep, and Thunder
  • Row 4: Twilight, Stargazing, Canyon, Coconut, and Midnight

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