BBAC 2011: Day Eight

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I tend to be a cautious MMU buyer. I don't necessarily go scouting Etsy or Artfire or where-have-you for the latest indie companies to try out. I tend to try a few here and there, based on what I see on a few beauty blogs whose opinions I generally trust. (For example: I haven't tried one particular vendor because while they seem to have good buzz around the beauty blogosphere - including recommends from a handful of bloggers whose opinions I trust pretty highly - they don't really have many colors that I personally am interested in.)

BBAC 2011: Day Eight

Still…I do try new vendors. Some I only buy from the once, others I keep returning to their shop. Sometimes a vendor has offers so compelling, that I go just a wee tiny bit nutso. Such is the case with My Pretty Zombie. I had kind of been aware of this company for a while, but hadn't really seen any swatch photos that made me start drooling, so I didn't wander over to the shop. And then…Toxid Lotus posted about the new Drugs Like Me blushes, and posted some swatch photos of MDMA, a gorgeous duochrome blush that looks excellent with my coloring. So wait: coral-pink? with gold duochrome? Oh, yeah, sign me up!!! (LSD and THC are also duochromes, albeit not as dramaticly so as MDMA.)

A good portion of the products are duochrome. Most of the eyeshadows are pretty saturated colors, though there are a few neutrals and softer shades. There are a few sets available as well, including Geekily Ever After, a collaboration with the owner of Geek Chic cosmetics. And hey, Toxid-lotus is hosting a sweepstakes for a set of all five MPZ blushes! The winner will be chosen on December 21, 2011. Head over, see the swatches, and enter to win!

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